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For Hits and Gigs, a name decided by the community for the community. We want to create a place for musicians and music enthusiasts to discover new bands and amazing concert experiences. 

Three women run this show, Elise O'Leary, Katelyn Pawlish, and Emily Koch. We strive to make this blog as organized and entertaining as possible.

Meet The Team

Writing Team

Caleb Ward | Kathleen Florentine | Sierra Badua | Hanna Jasmyn | Hannah Zwick | Rachel Spang | Bryn Nelson | Haley Greenus | India Seychew | Samantha Ray | Savannah Davanzo | Kylee Grimwood | Haley Mayfield | Amy Pain | Hanna Oliva | Kallon Sherry-Pronk | Alex Brown | Zoe Diamond | Aileen Bell | 

Data Team

Kaylen Fields | Kirsten Newbrough | Tara Davis | Nathan James | Savannah Limon | Alicia Patton | Samantha Ray | Meghan Hockridge

Photography Team

Molly Cotham | Kirsten Newbrough | Ashton Collins

Emily Koch


Just your everyday fan girl turned music blogger, trying to balance out the lameness of being an accountant with the coolness of being an indie music blogger.

Katelyn Pawlish

Katelyn Pawlish

Managing Editor

A college student studying journalism who decided being a music blogger was a hobby I need to have in my life. 

Elise O'Leary


Still in high school, trying to start her break in the music industry early, in the best and most fun way ever. Blogging about music is my second favorite thing, the first being crowd surfing.

Jake Gaughan

Data Manager

Jake is a college student with a major passion for music and a minor passion for numbers.

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