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Want us to cover your artist?

Here is how you do that. Please follow the specific directions.


- Include what type of press you desire in the subject line, for example, premier, interview, or unknown.

- Include easy and accessible Soundcloud or Spotify links to the song or album  front and center.

- Have a press release and press photos available upon request.

- Include in the body of the email what genre or what similar artists there are to this artist.


- Follow ups will not get you a higher consideration for press coverage.

- If we send interview questions and do not receive answers within three weeks, we will not run the interview.

- Any artist not in the indie realm has a lower chance of being considered

- Event invitations can be in the following locations, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington DC.

- If you don't follow the checklist, you most likely will not be considered.

- If we do not respond to you, don't take it personally. We receive hundreds of emails per week.


- Email Elise O'Leary,

- Fill out the form on the home page