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  • Emily Koch

Okey Dokey is More than Just OK

Let Okey Dokey transport you back to a 1950’s doo wop dreamland.

It's the start of summer and we’re all looking for the perfect song to kick off the warmer months. Enter Okey Dokey. With a refreshingly simple sound reminiscent of doo wop from some sixty years prior, Okey Dokey is the perfect addition to your summer playlists. The Nashville based duo boast a catchy and easy listening album along with several singles.

And you don’t have to just take my word for it. The duo played the acclaimed Bonnaroo festival earlier this month. As if that wasn’t enough, the group just released an EP, “Besides”. In addition, Okey Dokey has over 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a hit, ‘Wavy Gravy’, with over 1.3 million plays. ‘Wavy Gravy’ was the first thing to turn me on to this beachy, breezy band, and I couldn’t be more happy it did.

With one album released so far, “Love You, Mean It” has me begging for more. Their debut album offers a variety of tunes, from ‘Wavy Gravy’ to ‘Congenial Man’ to ‘Coffee Boi’. All the songs share an almost dreamy kind of charm and reminds me of the happy ending at the end of a Disney movie.

'Wavy Gravy' is a perfect psych soul jam with a beautiful balance between the effortlessly happy and the lazy summer day. The lyrics tell the tale of the sacrifices we make at the end of a relationship in the hopes of saving it. A striking juxtaposition is drawn between the cheerful vibe of the song and the slightly mournful lyrics.

While ‘Wavy Gravy’ is undoubtedly the band’s biggest hit, personally I find their single, ‘Hometown’ irresistible. Perhaps it’s because the feeling of not wanting to return to my hometown every summer during college resonates with me, or it could just be the song bops. Whether it’s the familiar feeling it invokes or the infectiousness of the tune or the wide, toothy grin ‘Hometown’ leaves me with, I can’t help but have it on repeat.

If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to this summer, it’s lounging by the pool, with a book in one hand, a Sonic drink in the other, and Okey Dokey playing in the background.

Catch Okey Dokey on their June tour and opening for Rayland Baxter this July.


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