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  • Ashley Murphy

Featured Artist: Kitten

Kitten isn’t that cool indie band that calls us back to the 80’s while keeping a modern twist; Kitten is the 80’s in 2018.

New wave, electronic, self-proclaimed “powerpop bubblegum” band, Kitten released a brand new EP entitled ‘Pink Champagne,’ Friday, June 1. The EP is the first body of music collectively created by the band’s brand new lineup. Kitten has been rocking the 80’s since 2009, but lead singer Chloe Chaidez has been the only consistent thread holding the band and their sound together throughout various lineup changes. In fact, the singer’s creative leadership in the band is so prevalent that you could listen to Kitten’s entire discography front-to-back, lineup changes and all, and not miss a single synth-pop beat.

However, this new iteration of the band, which has Chaidez’s vocals backed by a full band, creates a fuller sound, and seems strong as ever with true friendship at the forefront of music. If Chaidez writing collaboratively for the first time means ‘Pink Champagne’ will hold more layered bubblegum 80’s pop à la “I Did It!” then I am 110% here. For. This.

“I Did It!” was the first single released by the new lineup and it was the perfect introduction to the Kitten of 2018, a fully-fledged six-piece.

The upbeat, fast-paced music makes the song feel like a joyful dance track, while Chaidez’s controlled vocals, delivered with an urgent passion reveal a defiant embrace of past mistakes.

Everyone’s acting like I haven’t changed

But I know the things that I’ve done

And I don’t know why I did it

But I did it, but I did it

I did it, I did it!

...You get the idea. Her blatant acceptance of who she is and the mistakes she’s made make singing along to this song inherently cathartic. Whether you want to own everything you’ve ever done or not, you’ll find yourself overtly singing “I Did It!” as stubborn consternation slips into an effortless liberation.

Any song that makes you want to dance and ultimately makes you think more deeply than you initially intended is good in my book, and if Kitten’s first two singles are any indication of what we can expect from ‘Pink Champagne,’ I will happily be dancing along to all of my feelings this summer.


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