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  • Elise O'Leary

Ceramic Animal with a Kick Ass Album

Ceramic Animal is my new go-to band. Their new album ‘The Horse’ will have us jamming for the upcoming seasons.

All jokes aside, this band is a must listen. With sounds like The Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys, this Philly based group will hit the charts in no time. Formed in January of 2015, music was on their mind, not any fame or fortune. Having only being around for three years, their Spotify numbers are climbing, which should not surprise many.

Ceramic Animal released an album in late 2016. A song from that record titled ‘Dreams Via Memories’ has almost 2 million Spotify plays currently, but I want to focus on their more recent releases.

The boys have just released two new songs, “Hit or Miss” and “So Familiar”, and announced their sophomore album due to us on August 3rd named ‘The Horse’… but we got a sneak peak! After listening to it, I can’t get enough. As described earlier, Ceramic Animal is almost like a western version of The Black Keys. The album has nine songs, with most of them ranging from 3:30 to 5:00 minutes. “XXXpectation” has circus-like guitar riffs, and gives the impression of something sinister. Each piece has some sneaky feeling to it. In a few tracks, there is an underlying vintage feeling given off by a wavy bass sound, but every song is truly it’s own.

This will definitely be what I put on at parties, just so people go “Hey, what band is this? They’re good.”


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