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  • Emily Koch

Knox Hamilton Interview

Way back in my high school days, I somehow stumbled upon a great little gem of a band, Knox Hamilton. Upon first listen, I fell in love with their effortlessly happy indie pop. They felt like any day they could be discovered and end up on the radio along with the radio friendly indie and alternative of the era, I’m talking Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, and Foster the People.

Fast forward five years, and I get an email in my inbox asking if I would be interested in interviewing Knox Hamilton for the blog. My high school self took no convincing and I instinctively jumped on the opportunity. So I present to you, an exclusive interview with lead singer Boots Copeland.

Q: Tell us Knox Hamilton's story!

A: Well, we started writing together about 7 years ago after meeting at the church my dad pastors in North Little Rock, AR. Released “Work It Out” in 2014 and [have] been touring ever since. Building it from the ground up.

Q: How does being from Little Rock impact your sound?

A: I think growing up in church, in the Bible belt, especially being from the denomination we come from has instilled in us an innate tendency to incorporate harmonies and upbeat rhythms in our music. I’d say that impacts our sound more so than the specific city or areas we come from.

I think all my fellow Texans and Southerners can relate.

Q: What's your end goal as a band?

A: Never knew how to answer that question. Not sure we’re striving for anything more so than we’re striving to connect with people and make music that matters to people and affects their lives in a positive, meaningful way. The rest of the accolades will be what they are. It’s futile and exhausting worrying about that stuff. But also we want a Grammy and/or Dove award.

Do it for the Gram(my) amirite?

Q: If you weren't in a band what would y'all be doing right now?

A: I’d probably be President (sorry America) and Drew would be a full time anarchist trying to overthrow my government. Cobo would be a drummer in another band. He’s too good not to.

Q: What were some band names that didn't make the cut?

A: “Southern Girls”, “The Saboteurs”, and probably a billion others that are even more embarrassing than “Southern Girls” to mention.

On behalf of all of your listeners, I sincerely thank you for not choosing “Southern Girls”.

Q: If you could only take one other band member on a cross-country road trip who would it be? Non-band member?

A: Non-band member would definitely be my wife Sarah. I’m gonna pass on the band member portion in case they read this. Gotta ride with them in a van for the next few months.

I was honestly hoping for more of a “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will” (by PUP) answer but pleading the fifth is probably a better idea...

Q: If you performed in the superbowl half time show, what would you play and who would accompany you?

A: We’d play Beach Boy, Video Sunshine, Pretty Way To Fight, How’s Your Mind, Washed Up Together, Work It Out. Beyoncé and Paul McCartney. And Michael Jackson is wishing made it so. Favorite musician ever.

Now that’s a halftime show I’d tune into.

Q:What's it like being an up-and-coming band? Did you ever think an accountant would be interviewing you?

A: We’re getting used to it at this point (wink emoji). And yes but I always figured it would be in the form of an IRS audit.

To be fair I never thought I’d get to interview cool indie bands so I call it a win on all accounts (pun intended).

Catch Knox Hamilton on tour this August and check out their newest EP, ‘Beach Boy’, for the perfect summer road trip tunes to cruise along to.


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