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  • Emily Koch

Walk Off the Earth and Float in Space with These Covers

Walk Off the Earth's latest covers have me peacefully drifting down a lazy river without a care.

The year is 2012, man buns were all the rage, everyone was dancing to “Gangam Style”, and Maddie and Chloe were dueling it out for the top dog status on Dance Moms. Just a month into that year, Walk Off the Earth bursts onto the scene with their viral cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. You remember the one with five people playing one guitar? With a staggering 183 million YouTube views, this quickly launched the five small town Canadians to stardom.

But enough about six years ago, Walk Off the Earth just brought us two fresh new covers, “Girls Like You” and “Love Lies”. I’ll be the first to admit Maroon 5 is one of my guilty pleasure listens, so you can imagine my delight to learn Walk Off the Earth produced a cover of “Girls Like You.”

As if it could get any better, the band created their own one of a kind instrument for this video. With their GuitHarpUlele, Walk Off the Earth gained much deserved attention for their cover, even a retweet from Maroon 5 themselves! Following their traditional style, all five members played their GuitHarpUlele and found captivating ways to showcase their personalities, incredible vocal ranges, and group dynamic. The band further expressed their creativity with the design of the instrument itself, courtesy of Blueberry Guitars. The combination of a harp, ukulele, and a guitar, this instrument is a testament to the band’s creativity and ingenuity.

But having five people play one instrument simply wasn’t enough. Following the release of “Girls Like You”, the love birds of the band, Sarah and Gianni delivered a cover of “Love Lies” originally by Khalid and Normani. In the video, the duo busts out an array of instruments including the harpejji, an extraordinarily rare instrument favored by the one and only Stevie Wonder. The harpejji is the stretched out stringed instrument the two play together. Electricity and energy between the couple is palpable even through my laptop screen.

Catch more of this standout band on their YouTube channel and on tour this fall. I, for one, can’t wait to see how they adapt their act for the stage.


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