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Featured Artist: Frances Cone

Frances Cone took 5 years to come out with a follow up to their debut album. If their leading singles are any indication, it was worth the wait.

Named after frontwoman Christina Cone’s father and great-grandfather, Frances Cone is an indie-pop band based out of Nashville. Originally formed in Brooklyn in 2013, the band now consists of Cone, Andrew Doherty, and Aaron Hamel. The group’s iconic lyrics are deceptively melancholic. Their new songs display a relatable narrative of millenial life, which can often be disjointed and full of regret. Cone’s sound is that of a veteran indie band, one that has been around the block a few times. But their lyrics are the real star of the show: thoughtful and in depth, they make the band’s music a must-listen.

While the band hasn’t released a full length album since 2013’s ‘Come Back’, they have proven themselves with a string of strong single releases and an EP starting in 2014. “Arizona” is by far and away their most popular song. Their production is peak pop-techno. And the lyrics display something that is familiar to us all, an association of fond memories with a physical place. But songs like “Leave Without You” and “Wait Right Here” demonstrate the band’s prowess in tackling different ideas. ‘Come Back’ was a fine introduction, but the album lacked a central identity for the band. Frances Cone’s new music is confident in their sound and more mature than their earlier work.

If you’re anxiously waiting for either new music or a tour, don’t worry! The band is on tour throughout the Fall and plan on releasing an album by the end of this year entitled ‘Late Riser’.


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