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  • Elizabeth Goran

Featured Artist: Made Violent

Made Violent’s sophomore EP, ‘Squeeze,’ is filled to the brim with strong, infectious garage rock anthems which demand a second listen.

Boasting over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Made Violent is making waves in the underground rock scene. The trio, hailing from Buffalo, New York, have been pushing out their guitar-heavy tracks since 2013. ‘Squeeze,’ their second EP, marks a development and solidification of their sound.

Made Violent’s release of their 2016 self-titled EP marked the true beginning of their rise, as they then began to tour and spread their music across the country. In 2018, they toured around the U.S. with HUNNY, and have played plenty of local gigs in upstate NY, including opening for The Menzingers in May.

With the release of ‘Squeeze,’ Made Violent make it clear that they belong in this scene, and not in the background. Every single track on ‘Squeeze’ is as good as the next, filled with loud guitars and cutting vocals that make you want to dance. My personal favorite is the title track, “Squeeze.” As their lead singer laments over someone who sticks around “Just to be the one to be the one who takes it all from me / Just to be the one to squeeze a little more from me” over booming bass and crashing drums, the song continues to build before ending on an unresolved chord, keeping the tension at a high.

On the whole, ‘Squeeze’ is an addictive and strong EP, with absolutely no bad tracks on it. Based on this EP, Made Violent are sure to continue to grow and develop their sound, and it will only make them even better as a group. While it is unclear what will come next for the band, hopefully a U.S. tour, paired with even more new bangers, is in their future.


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