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  • Sierra Badua

Double Take: St. Humain is Heating Up the Scene with Electro-Pop Singles

Electronic? Pop? Why not both? With strong synths and expert lyrics, the music of St. Humain is a blend of colorful beats you can’t help but dance to.

St. Humain’s music is a deal: 2 for the price of 1. Based in Sydney, Australia, St. Humain expertly infuses electronic elements into catchy and upbeat pop songs. He describes his style as “genre-agnostic,” demonstrated through a sound that draws influences from all over the musical spectrum. He creates an upbeat dance tune that doesn’t overshadow interesting and genuine lyrics. These aspects come together to create songs that are distinctly St. Humain. Although his songs circle familiar themes of love and longing, he uses memorable lyrics to foster authenticity. If you’re going through a tough time but don’t want to take life so seriously, St. Humain’s music is for you.

After just one listen it’s easy to write St. Humain off as “just another pop artist” but with every play, something new comes to light. He released his debut single “Make a Move” back in 2017 which now has over 200,000 plays on Spotify. A song about the fear before jumping into something new, this tune inspires its listeners to just go for it - even if the result is undesirable. Following this strong start came three other single releases; From “Free Fall,” a testament to trying your hardest, to the heartfelt “The Thought of You” a proclamation of misunderstood love, each song has something new to offer.

The most recent release from St. Humain, “Fever Vibe,” has the classic electronic beats and pop lyrics that are so intrinsic to his style but presents another perspective on falling deeper into love. In this song, St. Humain compares his love interest to something warm, someone who “can steam up my winter soul.” It’s a classic example for how love makes one better. Released just at the tail end of September, this song could not have come at a better time. As the seasons shift from the warmth of summer into the cold of winter, it’s just what we need to keep the heat alive. Not only is this the song for all seasons, it’s the perfect tune to attach that special person to. This new single is just a taste of what St. Humain has recorded for his debut EP ‘EMOTIONAL SAUNA’ which is set to release in January 2019.

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