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  • Rachel Spang

Featured Artist: Still Woozy

As his name suggests, Still Woozy is here to give you the dreamy, hypnotic tracks you need to be listening to.

A California native, Sven Gamsky creates the hypnotic sounds of Still Woozy from his garage in Oakland. As the former guitarist and vocalist of math-rock band Feed Me Jack, Gamsky decided to create Still Woozy as solo project, taking his sound in an entirely different musical direction. His distinct musical style embraces the vulnerability and D.I.Y-ness of bedroom pop while also showcasing clean production and impressive instrumental work. His work manages to fall somewhere between the vulnerable R&B beats of Frank Ocean and the electronic quirks of Passion Pit without losing a clear inclination towards guitar-driven tracks. Still Woozy even releases music in an unconventional way—he doesn’t focus on one project for too long, preferring to release songs individually as soon as a day after they are complete.

Thanks to a feature on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, Still Woozy’s 2017 single “Cooks” has reached over 5 million streams. The track is the perfect introduction to Still Woozy’s captivating sound. Both electronic and acoustic instruments, soothing harmonies, and lovesick lyrics are the backbone of most of his singles so far. His voice never sways far from a middle range, but he manages to pack an emotional punch to even simple lyrics—his crooning of “well, I want you / baby, it's all I do” in the chorus strikes intense feelings of love and longing. Later in 2017, Still Woozy released “Goodie Bag,” his most popular single to date. On “Goodie Bag,” Gamsky uses fun guitar work and his easygoing falsetto to create a laid back, head-bobbing tune. The track is clearly influenced by 90s R&B in the vocals and bass, but also includes a hint of surf rock in the guitar, creating a sound that’s simultaneously retro and unique.

Gamsky’s latest work, 2018 single “Lucy,” displays a further step in cementing the signature sound of Still Woozy. This track’s instrumentation is more complex and interesting while still maintaining his trademark catchiness. Canadian artist ODIE features on the song, and his smooth voice complements and adds depth to the light-hearted track. Gamsky’s vocals also prove themselves more agile than ever before, with vocal runs and dips throughout the chorus.

With extreme popularity on streaming sites and a few U.S. tour dates lined up, Still Woozy is set to become a mainstay artist in the indie scene and is certainly an artist to look out for. His immense talent shines through the limited number of tracks he has out, and it’s only a matter of time before his new releases charm new audiences.


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