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  • Tiffany Wong

Tired Lion Wakes You Up

The Australian foursome are reviving 90s grunge with a twist.

Listening to Tired Lion’s music will make you want to kick down a door, which is the opposite of what the band’s name would suggest. Hailing from Perth, Australia, the quartet taps into the grunge-alternative genre that was once popular in the 90s, injecting angry, animated energy into their music.

Tired Lion released ‘Dumb Days,’ their first full album, earlier this summer, five years after they debuted their first EP, ‘All We Didn’t Know.’ The band—composed of Sophie Hopes, Matt Tanner, Ethan Darnell and Nick Vasey—won triple J’s Unearthed Award in 2015 after their track “I Don’t Think You Like Me” became popular. They’ve also supported The 1975, Luca Brasi, and Kingswood on tour.

In ‘Dumb Days,’ the foursome leans more towards indie rock, though the album is still filled with their signature combination of high-low melodies and lyrics that can easily be sung-screamed in the privacy of your own room (or out in public, your call). “Cinderella Dracula” stood out to me, with its coy introduction, rambunctious riffs, and head-banging drumming. Despite the intimidating track name, its lyrics reveal a vulnerability that masked with a brave face. Just listen to the first verse: “The sky isn't blue anymore / And I don't know what to feel / Nothing feels good anymore / But it's no big deal.” Hopes—her last name an ironic touch, considering her lyrics—purrs these words right before she unleashes an impassioned chorus that exposes how lost and lonely she feels.

Their latest album follows the aftermath of a break-up; the days spent lying awake at night, wondering if your former S.O. still remembers the late night drives you took together. The days you spend drinking enough for twenty and praying you’ll get over this. It’s a roller coaster of anger, grief, and reflection, and by the time you get to the album’s instrumental outro, you’re spent. So is Tired Lion.

It’s a running theme of ‘Dumb Days’: Even monsters have feelings.


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