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  • Emily Koch

A Lil Something Spooky for Halloween

It's officially the best day of the year and that means I'll be listening to one thing and one thing only today. 

My album of the day involves the man who won't eat his cereal and a spooky soundtrack with the dramatic twists we've come to expect from him on the silver screen. Who else could we expect such a fun, seasonally appropriate, album from other than Ryan Gosling? His duo, dubbed Dead Man's Bones, is a quirky take on the spooky music associated with the horror movie genre. 

The pair's self-titled album, 'Dead Man's Bones' was originally intended to be the soundtrack to a horror musical. Shortly after beginning the project, it evolved into a purely musical expedition, with the stage idea discarded.  The resulting album is perfect for Halloween, and a song or two might even sound a bit familiar. "In the Room Where You Sleep" was featured in the movie the Conjuring.  The live music video of the tune below shows just how much fun Gosling and Shields had working with the children and bringing their vision to life. 

'Dead Man's Bones' offers the perfect mix of upbeat, lighthearted tunes reminiscent of songs like the "Monster Mash" and the Ghostbuster's theme and more sinister songs. The use of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music's children's choir at times seems ominous and unnerving. At other times the children's voices add a necessary fun, lightheartedness.

"My Body's a Zombie for You" perfectly embodies (pun intended) the quirky, spooky vibe the band cultivates with their album. The song balances dreamy vocals, a tambourine beat, and a fade out of the children playing that comes together to create a playful vibe that carries throughout the album. The 70's-esque undertone of many of the tracks further builds the playful spookiness that could easily be the soundtrack of an episode of Scooby Doo.

So if you're looking for a fun new band to put on your Halloween party, look no further! Dead Man's Bones is here to give you all the ~spookiness~ you've been searching for.

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