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Interview with Taylor Grey

Photo: Nikko Lamere

Ahead of the release of her new EP ‘Grey by Taylor Grey,’ we talked to Taylor about balancing school and touring, her first single off the EP “Back to Bite,” and much more.

Taylor Grey started another semester at Stanford a few months ago, yet she managed to make the time to write and record a new EP. Releasing on November 16th, ‘Grey by Taylor Grey’ follows her 2017 album ‘Space Case.’ Produced by Oligee and executive produced by Josh Abraham, the six-song EP has allowed Grey to get in touch with her sensitive side, and open up in ways she has been unable to before.

Along with her EP announcement, she revealed a show at The Hotel Cafe in LA on November 16th, where she has previously sold-out the venue. We chatted with Taylor to find out about her background, the inspiration for her single “Back to Bite,” and her plans for the future.

How did you get your start in music?

I was young and shy and it was the only thing I liked doing.

As a musician myself, and a student at UPenn, I've found it incredibly difficult to balance my studies and pursue my passion for music. How have you managed to make time to write, record, and tour, while still focusing on your studies at Stanford?

That’s awesome! Yeah, it’s pretty challenging, I’m currently on a plane going straight from class to LA. It’s hard to keep your head above water sometimes, but I try to remind myself daily of my priorities and that I don’t need to do everything perfectly.

You had great success with your debut album 'Space Case,' even racking up a few awards for the release. As an independent artist, how did you begin to gain traction on the album?

Thank you! Honestly I don’t really know how ‘Space Case’ got traction, I just have a really kick ass team!

Your new single, "Back to Bite," is somewhat of a departure from your older EPs and album. How and why did you decide to make a change in your style?

I spent a lot of time last year reflecting and figuring out what kind of artist I want to be and what I want to say. “Back to Bite” is the beginning of that journey. The E.P. coming out next month will really show that.

The video for "Back to Bite" is joyful and empowering. Where did the inspiration for the lyric video come from?

I wanted real people to be shown. Real people who identify as women of all sizes, races, sexualities, etc. I hate my appearance a lot, which isn’t a new thing or a novel thing, I feel like most people experience that. But I feel more beautiful when I watch the video. Not because I like how I look, I actually don’t at all. I filmed it after a long day of rehearsals and driving around the city and my makeup had all but melted off. But watching all these women come together, I can see the beauty in difference and authenticity and vulnerability- it’s just a reality check for what’s important.

As a college senior I hate getting asked this question, but I would love to know: after your graduation, what's next? Are you planning on continuing to chase your passion for music or your love for neuroscience?

Lol no I’m done with school. I wanna do music for as long as I possibly can.

Lightning Round:

What has been your favorite venue that you have played?

The Belasco Theater with The Vamps.

What venue would you most like to play?

The Troubadour.

What artist would you most like to do a show with?

Bebe Rexha.

Do you put milk before cereal or cereal before milk?

Cereal before milk, I’m not an animal.

Norcal or SoCal?


Be sure to be on the lookout for the release of Taylor’s new EP ‘Grey by Taylor Grey’ and her performance at The Hotel Cafe. Check out her newly released second single off the EP, “Warning,” below.

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