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Featured Artist: Sam Hale

Somewhere Between Love And War” Embraces Change In Hard Times.

“In the past  year, I have  made a lot of sacrifices and shifted my energy quite a bit and this EP shows my process through  it all. I told myself, I could either  be the safe version of myself, or the boldest.  I chose the latter.”

Sam is an Iranian American musician based in Nashville, Tennessee. Hale delivers a marvelous mixture of blues, indie rock, pop, and live drums. Born in Iran and immigrating to America with his mother majorly influenced his lyrics and passion for writing about his experience,as well as his  path to self expression and creativity.

Hale reminisces about the process of making one of his most vulnerable and emotional tracks yet. Hale has managed to write strong, raw, and evoking lyrics which give fans an insight into his mind about his life experiences. The mentality from previous releases has impressively progressed into a more sophisticated aura. Hale notes that, “This EP, ‘Somewhere Between Love & War’, is  special to me  in so many ways. It  marked the beginning of  a new chapter, maybe even  a start of a new book. In October  of 2017, I packed my bags and moved  to Nashville from Los Angeles to start my  new journey. Quickly thereafter, I connected  with Sam Kassirer who produced Josh Ritter, David  Ramirez and many other influential artists. After chatting  back and forth for 5 months, we jumped in the studio and  began tracking this EP”. The excitement towards working for an EP that will change you as a person and not holding back anything was Hale’s next step into his journey. Even with past releases and his new EP "Somewhere Between Love & War", Hale has engaged over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with his unique blend of  instrumentation and intricate lyrics.

In the month of August, Hale was invited to perform in Music For Refuge that supported Nashville's refugee and immigrant communities, alongside with other local artists. Ticket sales for this event were donated to the Nashville International Center For Empowerment. Hale also recently released a new single ‘Supernatural’ is also featured in “Somewhere Between Love and War” released on October 12th, with tour kicking off in October 20th! A Texas tour has been announced with shows in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

The nostalgic EP,  "Somewhere Between Love and War" opens up with a track called 'The Tourist', sets an intense and somber emotion. The intro of a calming piano slowly builds up by adding snare drums, and synths adds to the musical atmosphere creating a new experience. The opening track begins with the lyrics “Tiredly walking through the park, seeing all my footsteps taking me back to former worries. Life was more simple at the start.” Immediately, we are exposed to Hale’s inner thoughts and hardships. Listeners can be able to envision the powerless emotion and state of mind. The lyrics are reflective upon entering a turning point in life and proceeding into a new path. A new chapter has begun with a road of possibilities and new experiences. and is representative of leaving a sheltered life and facing reality head first.

The second track, 'Book Of Matches' is an acoustic ballad with dreamy vocals that is essential for a driving playlist. Hale introduces the track with eloquent lyrics about finding the light at the end of the tunnel. The layered synths and strong bass lines makes the track undoubtedly captivating. The fourth track 'Can't Take It' is a story of wanting to let go from a toxic relationship and being yourself once again. The final track on the EP, 'City of Cards', a ballad with such dazzling piano chords, is perfect for easy listening. The haunting vocals generate such an emotion with the lyrics, gives such an incredible overview of the EP as a whole.

The production, musical elements, and lyricism throughout Somewhere Between Love and War is enchanting and something that the music industry desperately needs. Be sure to check out Sam Hale’s past releases and tickets to his upcoming tour.


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