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  • Ashley Murphy

Featured Artist: Goth Babe

“Goth Babe is Griffin Washburn enjoying himself.”

Washburn’s Bandcamp bio is brief, but it’s also the most apt. In fact, it’s hard to find a more in-depth biography about Goth Babe on the internet and maybe that’s because a better description doesn’t exist. Goth Babe is simply nomadic nature-lover, Griffin Washburn making the perfect road-trip soundtrack to his life, and hoping some other people enjoy it along the way. The singer’s tunes couldn’t fit more perfectly into the surf rock/bedroom pop genres… probably because it’s made by a surfer out of his personal studio that’s practically a bedroom. And if those on-a-roadtrip-with-my-friends, living-my-best-life-as-the-sun-sets vibes are what you’re looking for, there’s no better source.

Goth Babe’s discography consists mostly of singles and EP’s, 3 of which have been released in 2018. The most recent release, ‘Pacific II,’ is a 2-track follow up to Washburn’s 2017 ‘Pacific’ EP. ‘Pacific II’ features the standout track “Sunnnn,” which sounds exactly like what you’d want to listen to while laying underneath it.

However, lyrically, Goth Babe isn’t all sunshine, but it’s not necessarily darkness either. Washburn’s lyrics are typically musings of broad themes, like life and love. The 2018 single “Sometimes” illustrates exactly that.

“Sometimes I wanna know what you’re thinking about

Sometimes, I wanna know what it’s all about”

The song’s chorus is a simple lamentation of complex feelings. However, while the lyrics raise these grand questions, the melody simultaneously provides a calming solution. That’s the thing about Goth Babe, his music works in perfect unison with those basking-in-the-sunshine moments to provide overwhelming reassurance.








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