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Interview with Hall Johnson

Talking the band’s recent release, balancing school with music and what’s to come.

Hall Johnson is a young group from Dallas, Texas who got their start in the summer of 2016. With three members who are freshmen in college and one still in high school, they have been facing new challenges that come with being in school and a band. The members (pictured from left to right above) are Trevor Stovall (guitar/piano), Trevor Woods (bass), Milo Cortese (vocals/guitar), Logan Kruprovage (drums) and Landry French (guitar). Their most recent release, the EP ‘Day Trip,’ was released on September 14, 2018.

What was the writing process for your EP ‘Day Trip’?

Milo: For the writing process, usually what we do is I write the chords of the song and the lyrics, then bring it to the guys and we combine all our stuff and make a song. But this [EP], the songs are kind of all over the place dating-wise. There are songs that we wrote two months before the EP came out and then there are songs we wrote nine months before it came out. For our next record, we want to have it a little more linear… like this project is this project and we all write for this project, rather than this EP being just a collection of songs we all like.

What is it like to have members in college while still being in a band?

Trevor S: It’s really hard to be in a band and be in college, because we have to drive a lot and we can’t practice as much. Luckily we’re at that point where we have a lot of chemistry with each other, where we can go a couple months without playing and then practice the day of the show and play. When we have bigger shows it’s a little more taxing on the mind because we’re scared we’re not going to remember things. We really look forward to holiday breaks, we plan to write a lot during then and tour. It’s difficult, but if you wanted to make it work, you can.

What is your favorite part about playing together?

Milo: Our favorite part of playing together is how we’re all actually really good friends, we hang out even if we’re not rehearsing. It’s a perk for sure.

Are there any places you’ve played that you really liked?

Logan: My favorite was definitely New York, but I think we all liked Chicago a lot… Atlanta was great too.

Milo: There were a lot of pleasant surprises. I never thought I’d like Mississippi, but we had tons of fun there.

Trevor W: We also went to Cedar Point [Ohio], which was sick. We got to ride roller coasters and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life.

What long term goals do you have for the band?

Milo: At one of our first ever interviews we did, we answered this question by saying we just want to be able to live off of it, and like a year later, we’re still going for that. That’s kind of still the goal.

What things do you have coming up?

Milo: We’re definitely planning on making another release, I don’t know when we would do that, but that’s something we haven’t really ever had a problem doing, is writing songs. It’s the base of what we’re doing, it’s why we’re doing it, we enjoy doing that.

Trevor S: We’re looking at a Texas tour in December with someone very special. We’re looking to hopefully do some South by Southwest stuff in March, or at least some stuff in Dallas. Next summer expect a lot of touring.

Hall Johnson will be supporting Dent May in Texas on the following dates:

12/28 in Austin at Barracuda

12/29 in Dallas at Transit Bike Co.

12/30 in Houston at Big Top

Tickets are available here

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