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Melodic and Nostalgic: ZOLA’s Testament to Love and Growth

In with the new and... in with the old? ZOLA’s music expertly combines the instrumentation and vocalization of the past with her present experiences.

Zola Johnson is a 22 year old singer, songwriter and musician from San Francisco, California. At age 6, Zola first picked up a guitar. Sixteen years later she would go on to release her amazing debut EP ‘Everything I Know,’ revealing the years of hard work. Her music is hard to pinpoint - self described as a mixture of jazz, soul, R&B and indie-pop. All these genres aren’t often seen together, yet Zola is able to meld them all into a sound that’s simultaneously familiar yet something you’ve never heard before.

In 2018 Zola released her first songs on Soundcloud and Spotify. Starting with two singles: “Too Fast Too Soon” and “Blue." Both from her EP, ‘Everything I Know,’ which she released in full October 2018 following the two singles.

This EP plays with vocals, often using simple instrumentals to create a playground for the words to dance on. Drawing from the power she found within herself, Zola Johnson has created a beautiful EP that encapsulates the fear, insecurity and excitement that comes with growing up.

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