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  • Elise OLeary

Interview with SHAED

SHAED is going to be the biggest band of 2019, no doubt about it.

SHAED started their year with about 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. They now have three million. The trio, Chelsea Lee, Spencer Ernst, and Max Ernst (yes not only brothers, but twins) are from DC and are still there, all together in one happy house. Formed in 2016, they got their first hit with their song “Perfume”. Their synth indie pop sound is unlike any other.

If you were going on a road trip, who would it be with and why? (You can’t choose each other!)

Sir David Attenborough (Planet Earth narrator) because he has the most incredible voice we've ever heard and probably has great stories.

The trampoline music video is insanely mesmerizing. What was the inspiration behind the video itself, specifically the relations to statues/busts?

The song is about what it would feel like to embrace the feeling of dying instead of running from it. The chorus lyrics are "When I dream of dying I never feel so loved." Turning to stone is a metaphor for dying that we wanted to explore in the video with the use of statues. In the video Chelsea falls in love with a statue and eventually turns into one herself.

When Apple picked up your song for their commercial, what was the reaction?

We literally almost crashed our car because we were on the highway when Tim Cook debuted the MacBook Air commercial at a big conference in Brooklyn. Apple is pretty secretive so we had no clue what product our song would be used for or what the commercial would look until everyone else saw it for the first time. We're lucky to still be alive because we swerved our car onto the shoulder of the highway so we could see it.

You guys have toured literally all over the United States, what are some of your favorite cities and venues to go to? What other countries or continents do you want to go to?

It's hard to single out single cities because we've loved everywhere we've gotten to perform but a couple highlights in the past year were the Van Buren in Phoenix and the Bluebird Theatre in Denver. We just booked our first UK show in London which we are super excited about and we're trying to find a way to get over to Japan to play a show because we were the #2 most shazammed song in Japan for a couple of weeks which was insane.

What will be the moment when you say ‘Mom, I made it,’ or has that moment already happened?

Hmm. I don't think there will ever be a moment when we can say "we made it."

We love a humble band.

How has it been being signed to Photo Finish Records? You have said that the song ‘Melt’ was representative of the time you were in a solo record deal that wasn’t working out.

Our team at Photo Finish feels like family. We even spent Thanksgiving with one of our label peeps Drew this year. They've been so great.

If you all weren’t SHAED, what would you be doing instead? Do you think you would all still be together?

Our backup plan is to open up a restaurant together because Chelsea is an incredible chef.

Tell me a little bit about the dynamic of your EP ‘Melt’. What kind of feelings does it give you, and what do you want it to feel like for other people?

All of these songs were written right after we moved into our first home together so we were just feeling super grateful to be able to do what we love in our own space. We know each other so well that we could be totally honest when writing these songs together so we hope that honesty and openness can be felt by the listener.

How did you get inspired to write ‘Silver Knife’? The lyrics are so unlike your other songs, I am extremely curious how you came up with them haha.

On the road we listen to the podcast "Criminal" a lot which goes into a bunch of murder and crime stories. That may have had something to do with it :)

If you haven’t heard them on the radio or in an Apple commercial, I’m so happy to introduce you to one of my all time favorite bands. Make sure you watch the “Trampoline” music video, and check out their dates for their headline tour in February and March. Social media and other platforms of theirs linked below!

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