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  • Amy Paine

Flipturn Brings Indie Wanderlust to Your Winter Playlist

Florida quintet Flipturn’s hit song “Chicago” captures the feeling of teenage escapism in a mature way.

Whether you were stuck at home over winter break or just have the post-vacation blues, going back to your normal life after the holidays is often rough. Flipturn, a Florida-based quintet who describes themselves as an “indie rock garage band,” has the perfect song for anyone who feels like they want to get out of their hometown and experience something new.

“Chicago,” off their 2017 EP ‘Heavy Colors,’ has been an anthem for me since I discovered it almost a year ago. Despite the fact that I have been to Chicago many times, I still feel like I can relate to the chorus: “I’m going to Chicago / Somewhere I don’t really know / See the sun rise on the East Coast / See it set in San Francisco.”

Flipturn’s soft indie sound means that they’re easy to listen to while studying or chilling with friends, but lead singer Dillon Basse’s vocals are powerful enough to bring some raw, genuine emotion into their songs. I’ve added “Chicago” to chill playlists and also belted it out in the middle of my kitchen. It’s such a versatile track and I would definitely recommend checking it out! Listeners can expect similar vibes to Hippo Campus or Coast Modern, two bands that Flipturn lists as influences.

Flipturn has gained both critical acclaim and a small, but passionate fanbase since their start as a garage band in 2015. In 2018, the band won the Destination Okeechobee contest, giving them an opportunity to play the mainstage at the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. ‘Citrona,’ Flipturn’s spring 2018 EP, was selected as one of Pandora Music’s top picks of April, alongside artists such as Ariana Grande and Kacey Musgraves—a huge accomplishment for a sophomore EP. Despite only having around 1,000 followers on Twitter, the band has also managed to build a community around their music that truly appreciates their art. These dedicated fans have earned Flipturn over a million total streams on Spotify.

The band plays frequent shows in and around Florida, as well as opening for more well-known acts such as Vinyl Theatre. Check out their newest EP ‘Citrona’ on Spotify and make sure to follow them on Twitter @flipturnband to hear about all things Flipturn!

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