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Featured Artist: Bugs

Bugs radiates summer ambiance with their electric surf punk noise.

Bugs is a highly energetic surf punk/noise pop trio based in Brisbane, Australia who entered the music scene in 2014. The band consists of (pictured from list to right above) Connor Brooker (lead vocalist/lyricist), Brock Weston (drummer), and Jordan Brunoli (bass). The trio has previously toured with bands such as Modern Baseball, PUP, Twin Peaks and Hockey Dad. Their blend of catchy guitar riffs, dynamic drums, and groovy bass will, without a doubt, have you dancing around in heartbeat, impatiently waiting for summer to arrive.

Bugs’ latest EP ‘Social Slump’ was released on April 14, 2018 and includes five new tracks that gives subtle hints of the classic 2000s alternative rock while adding enticing, new elements of glittery vocals and melodies that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Some of their musical influences include Wavves, Sonic Youth, and The Beach Boys. The track “Neighbourhood” features a captivating riff with honest lyrics regarding the state of some of our cruel, dangerous social issues, while including pop culture references. Brooker highlights the idea of his fears, “It's a sick and sad world but I wanna see clearly. Turn my sensor light on, I'm scared of the dark.”

Featured on their 2016 debut album ‘Growing Up,’ the fan favorite track “Instant Coffee” quickly gained attraction because of its surf rock feel. It’s a track about adding a little bit of happiness into your life to make you feel alive again, with a flowy lively guitar intro that will leave you in a state of admiration.

The band is continuously releasing new content, with their latest single released “Sweetener” on November 15, 2018. On this track, Bugs fuses spirited pop to their signature vibrant garage rock sound. A song about the fun and excitement of a blossoming love attraction, “Honey I’m barking up your tree, you’re like the pollen, I'm the bee, you’re my sweetener.”

In December, Bugs announced the Sweetener Tour in support of their new single. This Australian tour kicks off on March 8th, 2019 in Northcote and is followed by dates in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Krowera.

As well as being one of your new favorite surf punk bands, Bugs is the perfect addition to any summer road-trip playlist. It’s never too early to find some new additions!

Tickets for the upcoming Sweetener Tour are available here.

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