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Featured Artist: Far Caspian

Drift away with Far Caspian’s dreamy debut EP, ‘Between Days.

Far Caspian and the sound they have crafted for themselves can be best summed up in the word that the band has co-opted to describe their style: melanjolly, which is the juxtaposition of lightness and hopefulness of the melody and music against the feelings of depression and anxiety that characterize their lyrics. In this concept, Far Caspian has found for themselves a sound and story that captures the uncertainty - and yet, a hopefulness - of young adulthood.

This Leeds-based group is currently comprised of Joel Johnston with vocals and rhythm guitar, Jof Cabedo on drums, and Alessio Scozzaro on bass. They initially formed in January 2018 after frontman Johnston left university and sought to develop and elevate the project he began during his time in school. Since then, they have been signed by the Leeds-based, independent record label Dance To The Radio and have played numerous shows around Leeds and London.

On November 19th, Far Caspian released their first EP, ‘Between Days.’ Just as before, melanjolly is still the most accurate and succinct description of what it is that ties this five-song collection together. Much of this EP draws inspiration from frontman Johnston and his recent move from Ireland to England, and the uncertainty and isolation that comes with the transitions that young people face in the early years of adulthood.

The EP opens with the titular track “Between Days,” which explores those feelings of uncertainty and homesickness Johnston felt and a wistfulness for the past. “Blue” follows, which, on the surface, uses its hazy upbeats and melodic rhythm to transport listeners to a summer on the beach or a weekend, dance-filled music festival. While the song is about unrequited love, Johnston himself has revealed that the song was inspired by Milhouse Van Houten of The Simpsons. Next is “The Place,” in which social anxiety and how overthinking can impact the conversations and relations we have with those around us is the main focus.

“Let’s Go Outside,” their second single and the first of them to make the EP, doubles down on the continued marriage of the distant, hazy vocals with the melodic tune, which is grounded with it’s stand-out percussion, making for another beautiful song to get lost in. The track itself is a sort of continuation on those same

The EP closes with “Finding My Way Home,” their most listened to track on Spotify. This track opens with a calming reflection of those same feelings that have followed throughout, which then slowly builds up to a grand finale of bone-shaking drums and an unforgettable ending to the EP.

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