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  • Katelyn Pawlish

February Favorites: Monthly Highlights

It’s back! Check out February’s highlighted releases and read about all the amazing artists, right here.

We’ve put together another list featuring some of the best of the new releases and artists, all from within the last month. You can listen to all of them in the Spotify playlist here, but make sure to read a little about the artists first!

1. Cartoon Lizard, “Lay of the Land”

Self-described as “psychedelic pop,” Cartoon Lizard’s newest single, “Lay of the Land,” is that and more. It’s an enchanting indie pop song with alternative elements that gets deep with admitting past mistakes and moving forward from them. As a band, they are open about how much time and care they put into crafting their songs, and it’s evident that they make sure every aspect of their music is well thought out and cohesive, especially in this new track.

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2. Daise, “Glass Mind”

Daise blends melancholy with indie pop to create their sound. Their single “Glass Mind” is five minutes of peaceful music and introspective lyrics that will leave you reflecting on life itself. They are currently planning to release their sophomore EP this coming spring!

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3. Brigetta, “Sad Songs”

Brigetta has only been releasing solo work since September of last year after spending time as part of the duo ‘Truitt.’ Although her newest single “Sad Songs” is about being tired with having a broken heart, this song is so fun! Her sound is pure pop with distinct, sweet vocals. Everything about it is so right. After one listen, she’ll leave you wanting more, especially after she teases a clip on Twitter of the newest song she’s working on (which she does ALL the time).

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4. Sam Setton, “Hurts So Much”

While this song was released on Valentine’s Day, evident by the title, it is not a typical, happy love song. Instead of celebrating love, Setton’s “Hurt So Much” reflects on a love that had been lost and the pain that follows that. His sound is a blend of pop and R&B that’ll make you get up on your feet, regardless how sad the lyrics are.

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5. SOAK, “Valentine Shmalentine”

SOAK is the stage name for singer/songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson from Ireland. Her newest single, “Valentine Shmalentine,” is a slow, peaceful song compared to her other most recent single, “Knock Me off My Feet” that was released in January. Both of these songs are from the upcoming album ‘Grim Town’ that’s going to be released on April 26th, check them out before the album comes out!

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6. Vista Wolf, “Friday I’m in Love”

While “Friday I’m in Love” is only their second release, Dallas-based band Vista Wolf has already developed a strong, distinct sound for themselves. It’s fun, upbeat, and with their catchy lyrics, you’ll find yourself singing this song all day after listening to it even just once.

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7. RKCB, ‘Shores’

This California based duo has been making music together since 2105 after meeting in college. After many releases over the years they have gained a dedicated following of over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify - and rightfully so. The EP ‘Shores’ is the newest addition to their discography and is a perfect example of how to make an interesting EP that leaves listeners on the edge of their seats with anticipation, ready for the next track. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify | iTunes/Apple Music | YouTube | Website

8. Teach Me Human, “Tell Me That You Love Me

This song is the result of singer/songwriter Brian Cotter’s time overseas with the United States Air Force. Themes of needing validation from someone and feeling restless in one’s current environment are translated into the lyrics that come together to make this catchy indie pop-rock tune.

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We hope you like this month’s round-up, make sure to follow the artists you like! Again, here’s the Spotify playlist where you can listen to all these artists in one place. See you next month with another round of highlights!

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