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  • Elise OLeary

Local Spotlight: Water On Mars

Introducing our latest segment, the Local Spotlight. On Saturday the 23rd I went to see the band Water On Mars, local to Annapolis/Baltimore, MD. I took a few pictures, and got their story!

About two years ago, the band started while they were in high school to play in battle of the bands. Their original name was "Lemon Cake" and they had a few different members, and some that hadn't joined yet, but the current members are Sofia (bassist), Clare (lead vocals), Ryan (drums), Adam (guitarist), and Demitrius (guitarist). 

How did they decide on their name? They had to pick one to be in battle of the bands, but they couldn't decide on one. The band threw around a bunch of names, like "Alienoid Creatures" and "The Hope". Literally, anything that popped into their head. While discussing names, Ryan said "Water On Mars", expecting everyone to just say no, but was actually well received, and they ended up picking it. 

After almost two and a half years, the band has become quite accomplished. Written and recorded tons of songs, played many shows, and will be putting out their very first music video soon. Even though they all have different backgrounds in music, different tastes and genres, and varying ages, they really connect over their love and passion for music. They're cohesive and work so well together, and want music to be their forever. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for the future. 

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