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  • Amy Paine

Spring Into the New Month With March Highlights

Another month, another monthly round-up! Check out some great new releases below, you might even find your new favorite song.

March was an incredible month for new music, and we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites for you! Without further ado, here are six March highlights that you’ve got to listen to — which you can do right now, just

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1. Meryu, “Running Day Dreams”

This is NYC-based band Meryu’s lead single from their debut album, ‘Good to See You.’ Thsi song blends post-punk energy with mellow vocals to create a catchy track with lyrical substance. Meryu is definitely an artist to watch. Their listeners have multiplied exponentially with each release as they find their own unique sound.

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2. Third Smoke, “We Run in Bare Feet”

Third Smoke returned on March 22 with a brand-new single, “We Run in Bare Feet.” The Irish alternative/indie rock band has received support on their newest release from Irish radio stations, including Dublin’s 98FM and Red FM.

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3. The Fame, “Cherry Lipstick”

“Cherry Lipstick” is the second song released by Toronto quartet, The Fam.e in preparation for their upcoming debut EP. The band draws heavily on the rock scene of the 90s and 00s, creating a nostalgic sound that is sure to remind listeners of some of their favorite rock artists of the era.

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4. Reno McCarthy, “Deep Dive”

Reno McCarthy is taking his native Montreal by storm with his personal lyrics and stunning composition. “Deep Dive” examines fear: the fear of inadequacy, the fear of change, and the fear of yourself. But it’s not a depressing song, nor does it lose its melodic strength in the lyrics. Look forward to McCarthy’s debut album, ‘Counterglow,’ on May 10.

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5. Madelline, “Ghost”

Madelline takes on loneliness and solitude in her second single, “Ghost.” Her powerful voice shines over Stefano Pando’s production. The lyrics tackle finding peace in yourself when you feel that no one else will ever understand you. Given her talent for songwriting and her vocal strength, Madelline is sure to gain popularity fast as she continues to release new music.

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6. The Mooks, “So Kind”

Toronto-based trio The Mooks recently released “So Kind” in support of their upcoming EP ‘I Hope You Feel The Same.’ The new track combines an energetic bassline with smooth vocals to create a unique and complexly-layered track. The Mooks are more than able to compete with the more experienced acts in their genre, and they’re most certainly worth a listen!

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Make sure to check out our Spotify playlist featuring these amazing artists here, and don’t forget to support small artists as they create and release music!

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