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Interview and Single Premiere with 90'S KIDS

Vocalist, Corey Mouch of 90’S KIDS, shares some of his fondest memories with the band and a first listen at their new single, “Slow Motion."

90’S KIDS is an indie-dance pop band based in Columbus, Ohio. The band entered the music scene in 2017 with a nostalgic sound blending 80s synths and 90s influenced styled beats. The band consists of (pictured from left to right above) Matt King (keyboardist), Jordan McVey (drummer), Corey Mouch (vocalist/guitarist), and Robby MacAskill (guitarist).

Releasing their first few singles throughout early 2017 and 2018, their first EP ‘Volume One,’ debuted in July 2018, that quickly gained attraction. Ready to kick off the new era, releasing their first single “Slow Motion” and are set to drop a new EP in 2019. “Slow Motion” is described to “deliver a nostalgic ride through iconic memories of youthful, and nighttime love.”

Selling out their 1st headliner in Columbus, Ohio after being a band for only 10 months, the band is establishing their magnetism and position in the music industry. With an energetic and euphoric sound, 90’S KIDS have performed alongside artists such as PUBLIC, The Orphan The Poet, and The WLDLFE.

We were thrilled to have the chance to not only interview vocalist and guitarist, Corey Mouch, but to premiere their single coming out tonight, “Slow Motion." View the full questions below, and the link to the song.

First off, I wanted to congratulate you on selling out your 1st headliner show after being a band for a short amount of time! Did you ever picture this to happen right at the start? What was your reaction upon hearing the news?

It was a surreal feeling. It felt like both a payoff of all of the hard work we put in trying to get 90'S KIDS off the ground, as well as kind of a launching pad into what this band can be in the future.

90’S KIDS is such an iconic band name, what made you decide upon this name? Are you all 90s kids?

We are all kids who were born in the 90s, but it goes a little deeper than that. "90s kids" belong to the generation of nostalgia. We grew up without the technology and social aspects that make modern life so much more complex than it was back in the day. As a generation, 90s kids are infatuated with memories of our childhood - we miss making trips to Blockbuster to rent a movie, watching Saturday morning cartoons, and playing outside instead of sitting on our phones all day and worrying about the opinions of people on social media. But at the same time, we're still a very motivated, future-driven generation. So, all in all I think being a 90s kid is being an in-betweener - torn between trying to make it in modern times, and longing to relive the simpler times we had growing up. That notion is what 90'S KIDS is all about.

How did you guys come together to form the band?

Matt, Robby and myself (Corey) were all good friends in college. I was writing music for 90'S KIDS for about a year before I finally approached Matt and Robby with a few songs I'd written. We formed a concept for the band around those songs, and from there we all just believed in it. We spent our senior year of college just pouring our hearts and souls into the project, and it's just been a wild ride ever since. We all met Jordan shortly after we graduated, and that's how the current lineup formed.

As a band from Ohio, are there any places you like hang out or regularly visit?

We love visiting and playing in Athens at Ohio University. It's where 3 of us went to school. Every show we've played there has just been crazy, and it's an amazing college town to visit.

What led you to produce your 80s/90s nostalgic sound?

It's really a combination of all the things we love about pop music, and all the things that spark memories in us. Combining modern pop with the '80s and '90s retro feel just kind of naturally lends itself to what this band is all about. We want to write songs that cater to a modern audience, but also take the listener back to a point in time. It's really fun to fuse the modern and vintage aspects of pop music to create something that feels new.

What is your favorite thing about playing together?

Honestly, the best part is just to get together and have this creative outlet that we can use to connect with people. Our favorite thing about 90'S KIDS is the ability to connect with people who believe in what we're doing. There's no better feeling than when someone genuinely feels something because of the music we write.

Do you have any goals as a band in 2019?

We're excited to finally hit the road in the summer, and to put out lots of new music.

“Slow Motion” is such a groovy and dreamy song, it will forever be stuck in my head. How did the writing process start out?

A lot of songs take weeks, even months to fully realize them. The cool thing about "Slow Motion" was it came together really organically, and it just felt right from the get-go. It was a song where we didn't get lost in our own heads thinking, "how can we make this song better?" This song was awesome because we just kind of felt it, and let the song write itself. Sometimes the best songs come together in a matter of days, and this is one of those songs for us. It all started with the '90s hip-hop style drum beat, and the line "so baby, let's just park my car outside the neighbors' house." From there, we just kind of let the flow of songwriting take over, and the songwriting was finished in a matter of days.

“Slow Motion” has the exact feeling that deserves to be on a soundtrack of a film. If this was to happen, what movie would you like it to feature on?

It's funny you mention that - the song was actually inspired by a movie called "Hot Summer Nights" by A24 films. I was watching that movie late at night, and one particular scene of a car parked out in the woods at night sparked the whole writing process behind this song. I got out of bed and built the initial idea for the song that night, at like 2 in the morning. That movie really captured the essence of youth and romance in the '90s and it was the inspiration behind the whole meaning of "Slow Motion."

Do you do have any hobbies/interests or work outside of being in the band?

The funny thing is, we have full-time jobs outside of the band. It's really like having 2 full-time jobs, between music and 9-5 work. 90'S KIDS is what we love to do, though, and we plan to do it for the rest of our lives.

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Hopefully sitting backstage at a venue on tour, sipping a couple White Claws, and getting ready to put on a show.

Today’s music is all about spreading messages, what would you like your fans to take away from your new EP and future music?

We just want to spread the idea of embracing memories, and never forgetting where you came from. 90'S KIDS is all about losing yourself in nostalgia, and we want our listeners to do just that.


We would like give a huge thanks to Corey for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to stay in tune with the band as they release their new EP later in the year. A small reminder to add their new song, “Slow Motion” in your playlist for an unforgettable summer.

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