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10 Songs We Loved in April: Monthly Highlights

Don’t be April-fooled - this month has been great for new releases! Join us as we look back at some of our top picks from the past month. We were ~showered~ with some awesome new releases in April. So, as it comes to a close, we want to take a moment to reflect on some of those recent tracks we’ve been loving! If you want to listen to all these great songs, there's a Spotify playlist at the end of the article. 1. Karly, “Skeletons”

First, we have the first-ever release from Karly, a 20-year-old artist from Raleigh/Wilmington, NC. We had the opportunity to speak with Karly, in which she told us she’s currently working on her first EP, ‘here goes something.' She has cited Billie Eilish, Sizzy Rocket, and Maggie Rogers as her biggest sources of inspiration musically, so you’ll for sure want to check her out!

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2. Bryan Lazar, “Closer to You” 

Next up is a recent release from L.A. native Bryan Lazar. This R&B influenced track is a divergence from his usual style as a singer/songwriter, which has come from months of listening to more R&B artists and classic groups such as Steely Dan.

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3. DENNY, “Woke Up In The Hills”

Here we have the latest track from electronic pop trio DENNY. Hailing from Minneapolis, they have taken the local music scene by storm, playing full shows and regularly getting radio play.

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4. Nature of, “Middle of the Morning” 

“Middle of the Morning” is the first release from Nature of’s upcoming record, ‘The Mean’ which is due out June 7th. They’ve had the chance to work on ‘The Mean’ with producer Marcus Paquin (who has previously worked with Arcade Fire, Local Natives, and Stars) since winning Bent River Records’ recording competition last year.

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5. Tom Boy, “Lowrider” 

“Lowrider” is the follow up to Tom Boy’s debut single from late last year. This duo from Toronto also accompanied this release with a brand new music video, shot amongst the hustle and bustle of NYC and Coney Island.

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6. Field Guide, “Full Time”

Next up, we have the debut song from Field Guide. While Dylan MacDonald has been playing music and touring since high school, this is the first for his latest solo project. “Full Time” came at a time of changes in MacDonald’s life, and this song reflects on this time. This is the title track from his upcoming EP, expected to release in May.

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7. Jong SL, “Paralyzed”

This melancholy track is the latest from singer/songwriter Jong SL of Buffalo, NY. He has said this song reflects on “the struggle of the inner-self trying to escape the feeling of entrapment”.  Check out the beautiful live session from the Music Scene Toronto studio here.

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8. Winona Forever, “Gazing”

In anticipation of their upcoming June 7th album ‘FeelGood.' this Montreal-based quartet released “Gazing”. This song is a tribute to those nights spent dancing alone in your room with your favorite music playing.

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9. I, The Mountain, “The Boat”

Inspired by the short story of the same name from Alistair MacLeod, this upbeat track is meant to inspire hope and empower listeners to push “through the storm ahead.” They have released this song fresh off a three-year hiatus, as they prepare to spend the summer recording their debut album.

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10. The Polarity, “Skinny Jeans” 

To round out our April recap, we have a new track from Fort Worth-based artist The Polarity called “Skinny Jeans." This is their first release following their sophomore album 'Sugarcoat' from last year.

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Were there any new releases we missed? Comment down below or tweet us at @forhitsandgigs. And as always, you can check out these new releases on our Spotify playlist here!

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