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  • Amy Paine

Premiere of "The Real Disease" From Indie Rock Band Scary Hours

Scary Hours describe themselves as anti-folk, and despite their acoustic style, their music does not shy away from that label.

The New Jersey act is spearheaded by Ryan Struck, a familiar face in the punk and hardcore scene. Although Scary Hours (a name pulled from a ‘97 Wu Tang Clan track) isn’t exactly a solo project, it’s a way for Struck to create music apart from The 65’s and Voice of Doom, in which he plays bass and drums, respectively). Don’t be fooled by the acoustic-driven new project, though—Struck still has a lot to say, and he’s not shy about it.

“Ballad of Big Nothing” (Elliott Smith Cover)

Recently, Scary Hours dropped the first single, “Live to Serve/Serve to Live” from their upcoming album. This is the first taste of what Scary Hours is all about (barring an Elliott Smith cover released as a free download, linked above), and the single does its job well, capturing the tone of the rest of the album. The LP, also titled ‘Live to Serve,’ releases Friday May 10. Their debut album touches on current politics and social issues and the monotony of modern life, among many other topics. Despite the serious subject matter, the band approaches life with a humorous, bordering-on-satirical perspective.

Ahead of ‘Live to Serve,’ Scary Hours is giving their listeners a taste of what to expect from the 10 tracks by releasing a second single. “The Real Disease” may have a catchy acoustic backing tune, but listening to just the opening lyrics lets you know what you’re getting into. The chorus captures the song’s theme best: “It’s the real disease / and it’s called conformity.” There’s no sugarcoating of reality in this song; Scary Hours denounces the conformity and franchising of daily life with the kind of lyrics that make you do a double take and think to yourself “wait, did he really just say that?”

To anyone who’s ever looked around and wondered when brands and chain stores became more prevalent than actual human connection, this song is a breath of fresh (non-Starbucks-scented) air. Listen to “The Real Disease” at the link below, or on any platform when ‘Live to Serve’ is released on May 10.





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