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  • Belle Castillo

Photo Fire Local Spotlight

On May 31st, Photo Fire graciously overcame a blown speaker at The Bricks in Tampa, FL.

Their performance was amazing as they played four unreleased tracks and a few familiar songs. We were able to snap a few pictures and discuss their story as well as some music and projects that we can look forward to.

Speaking with all the guys, Hunter (Vocals, Keyboards), Ricky (Guitar extraordinaire), Jeremy(Bass,Drums, Keyboards) and Bryan( Drums); I learned quite a few things the band and I are excited to share.

Photo Fire’s story began in their high school years as an instrumental band under the name Viridian Mast. The St. Petersburg/Tampa locals struggled for a few years looking for a vocalist to no avail. One day, Hunter reluctantly attempted to sing and was amazed at the skill that had poured out. It was at that moment that he was deemed their new vocalist.

Soon after the construction of their first album began with the instrumental track “Moths”. Hunter was having a rather difficult time coming up with lyrics, and reached out to Ricky late one night asking him to invite an artist over which led to a partnership with Courtney Hartle, a talented artist. She met up with the band to paint what came to mind while listening to each of the laid out instrumental tracks. When she finished, Hunter would write about what the artwork made him feel or simply what he saw. Following this writing style, Photo Fire released their first album “Over & Over/ Frame by Frame”.

The band is now currently working on 2 new music videos to come out soon. They have about 20 songs that may be split released into 2 albums by the end of this year.

When the band isn’t working on their own music, they are working on developing their personal studio called Young at Heart Productions. With this studio they manage, record and produce their own songs at their own pace with the freedom to take as much time as they need. Outside working on their own music here, they focus on Live Sessions and assisting other bands with recording, and production.

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