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  • Konstantina Buhalis

Premiere: Call My Name by Anna Volpe

Anna Volpe is debuting her first single, “Call My Name” and here at For Hits and Gigs we love to entertain our readers with the latest artists and their work, so allow us to introduce you to Anna.

Spritely and transcendent, Volpe's single is richly produced and a perfect addition to your early morning coffee runs, and I can't help but feel like I'm in a rom-com when I listen to this song. A classically trained New York native, Volpe recorded this album in just eight days with the help from a producer, Thomas Doeve. Volpe is an artist on a mission, and she's got a clear sense of self. This comes from Volpe's background in the industry as a songwriter, giving her an edge in taking her artistic liberties. The phrase "know thyself" is the unofficial credo for Volpe's solo work.

This single has multiple elements that provide a biographical account of life as a young New Yorker. The album begins with the light as air track, "Call My Name," featuring a ukulele and 808s with the gentle twinkle of synths, this track feels like bubble tea with its sugary base and sweet surprises. It’s a lighthearted single that can easily transform any task into an indie film dream sequence.

Anna Volpe's debut is one for the books; her dedication to her craft and confidence in her direction make this track an exceptional listen. With no questions left unanswered, this single showcases Volpe's immense talent, and you won't want to miss this. Keep up with Anna, and don’t forget to pre stream her single here!

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