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  • Kathleen Florentine

Premiere: Pop/R&B Artist Courtney Noe is Back with “Woman on the Prowl”

With her first new release in three years, Courtney Noe is back with “Woman on the Prowl,” the lead single from her upcoming EP.

Courtney Noe is a pop/R&B artist based in Portland, OR. In 2016, she released her first EP, ‘Invisible Crown.’ In the time since then, she’s been playing gigs in New York and in her home base of Portland. Also, her song “Invisible Crown” has been played during halftime at multiple Portland Trail Blazer games, including a round 1 game of the NBA finals in 2016.

Noe has always been drawn to creativity and music. This came, in part, from growing up in a remote part of the Oregon coast, where she would spend her days writing and singing music. She’s also into fashion, and won multiple awards growing up with the garments she made while in 4-H. She’s also noted that fashion is a major part of her live shows, in which multiple costume changes - which she creates herself - adds to the overall experience.

As a feminist, Noe wants to use her music to celebrate women, strength, and sexuality. By doing this, she hopes to challenge the traditional image of womanhood and the stigma that comes with not fitting into that image. She’s here to say it’s okay to not fit into stereotypes and to be whoever you want to be.

In her new song, “Woman on the Prowl,” Noe tells the story of a night on the town, looking for a one-night stand, or as she calls them, her next “victim.” Her confidence in herself shines through in the song, and her singing about her sexuality unapologetically is inspiring to any young people who hear it.

Stay up to date with Noe through social media so you don’t miss any of her upcoming releases! There are multiple planned for the next few months leading up to her September 13th EP ‘Bad Attitude,’ with the next single and a new music video out on July 19 and August 16 respectively.

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