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  • Caleb Ward

A Look Behind the Stage Lights with Deanna Petcoff

Deanna Petcoff is ready to make waves, and she isn’t going to slow down any time soon. In this interview, we hear about the background of her newest single, as well as a behind the scenes look at what the coming year holds for her.

Deanna Petcoff started her Toronto, Canada,just last year, and she already has big plans ahead. Her eagerness to grow and further herself is ever apparent in her music, as well as what she tells me, read my conversation with her below!

First off, congratulations on releasing your new single, “Stage Lights.” How was it recording such a powerful song?

Thank you! Recording this song was a fantastic experience. The part that was a personal triumph for me was the vocal, because I wanted to make sure that it properly conveyed the emotion of the song, and sometimes that’s hard when you’re recording many songs in a row all with different meanings and emotions. I took a second to really get into the mood of the song, and had a great team behind me encouraging me and keeping me in the moment.

In sort of the same sense, how was the process of writing "Stage Lights?" I feel like there are some very strong influences on the lyrical content of the track.

Writing “Stage Lights” was really a stream of consciousness process. I had just met a musician that played in my friends band and was touring with her at the time. He was older and we sparked, and it led me into fantasizing about the “what if” of dating a touring musician. The story that the song portrays is me allowing my imagination to go off. It now holds a different meaning for me, being a touring musician myself and planning to spend most of my life doing that, it’s hard to figure out how to be a good partner when you or your partner is gone all the time.

Considering this is only the fourth track you have released, what can listeners be expecting to see later in 2019? Is there an EP or album in store for this year?

We’re preparing to release our debut record this year, which will feature the 3 original singles I’ve released! We are looking at the fall for this release.

As for upcoming releases, are you planning on staying in the same genre space for now, or will we see musical and lyrical changes with your music soon?

Listeners can definitely expect some genre bending on my record, because I don’t write with a genre or sound in mind, I write around my emotions and what the song calls for comes through with the arrangement. I always say that I feel like songs take on personalities of their own, and I’m not as much in charge of them as I think I am. As for the lyrics, expect more sad stories and wistful serenades, because that’s my sweet spot lyrically.

This past year Toronto has seen a lot of Deanna Petcoff, can we get a glimpse of what else 2019 has in store for you, in terms of shows and touring?

We’re planning some really great support shows in the next few months that I’m very excited about. I mainly use Instagram as my social media of choice, so if you’re looking to come out to a show definitely follow me there. I’m also planning a tour for late this year, which I am very excited about!

What has been the best moment for you in your career so far? What was the moment that you know will stick with you?

I’m not sure if I have one major moment that sticks with me because the entire process has been a hell of an experience and continues to be, but I think showing my band mates the songs for the record as demos stands out as one moment, because they all looked at me and we knew we were going to do something special with these songs. That meant a lot, and I’ve never believe in myself more.

If you could play a show with three other musicians/bands, who would be your ideal artists to play alongside with?

If we’re talking dream band, I would have Sandy West on drums (The Runaways), Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) on guitar, and Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) on bass. I love my band mates now but that really would be the dream team.

Best live show you’ve been to?

I recently saw Patti Smith in Boston, she is a huge reason I am a musician, and the woman that I am today. Not only that, but she’s the cutest. Being alive and seeing her perform on stage made me feel so good about myself. Other great shows I’ve seen were Feist at Trinity St. Paul church in Toronto, Joan Jett, and Joanna Newsom. Really incredible performers, and cried at all of the above.

Make sure to check out all of Deanna's music and socials below!! You won't regret it!

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