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  • Konstantina Buhalis

June's Best Indie Releases: Monthly Highlights

Are you in need of even more new indie music? Don't we have just the perfect thing for you!

This is now our sixth round of the monthly highlights, brought to you at the beginning of every month, as a compilation of the best new indie music releases. For those who aren't familiar with our monthly roundup, we choose some of the best new releases from upcoming artists, so that you can find your new favorite band. At the end of the article is a Spotify playlist with all of these great new releases, make sure to check it out!

1. “Matador” by Laurent Bourque

This track, released June 5th, is called “a celebration of love, even love that will hurt you in the end.” The acoustic tracks are reminiscent of “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac, and its candid writing makes it an honest account of the modern relationship.

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2. “Flames” by Valencia James

The debut single from James is raw, with a darkwave inspired backbeat, and has a stunning arrangement. With this song, Valencia James comes running out of the gate. We're definitely looking forward to more from her!

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3. "Even if it Hurts" by Clover the Girl

Clover the Girl recently signed to In Vogue Records and released “Even if it Hurts.” The track pulls from the early days of the female grunge movement, and Britney Spears’s first record. This song is a reflection of the different beauty standards women face today and the limits society places for them. The EP 'Even if it Hurts' comes out on July 5th, so make sure to check it out for more of Clover the Girl!

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4. “Hopeless” by Opeongo

This song, of the EP ‘Miasama’ featuring Aaron Goldstein, is a commentary on the ups and downs of life. With a real and unfiltered look at how quickly things can change, this track is perfect as we continue through the summer season.

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5. “High Top Kicks” by Fake Crush

This single is the quintessential summer fun song. Inspired by all things summer, this track feels like the warm buzz of Tequila and summer heat. Fun and fresh, this track is perfect for road trips to the party story for slurpees in between Netflix binges. Check out the video for this song on YouTube!


6. “Sad Girl Hours” by Cold Soul

"Sad Girl Hours" is an indie banger with the heart of solid rock. With the gentle vocals and an electric presence, this track is unique as can be (in the best way possible).

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7. “Superficial Hypocrite” by Keith Mosfet

This song from Keith Mosfet is an exercise in personal reflection - a brief and honest look at Instagram culture and the way we look at the world around us through a modern lens.

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8. “2 Myself” by Ludic

Ludic's newest track is a pop song for the indie kids who love to hate radio pop. The track produced by Ryan Worsley and is heavily influenced by modern pseudo-synth pop, but retains the cool charm of Ludic.

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Here's the Spotfiy playlist, make sure you comment on our socials which one is your favorite!

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