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Spooled Up Tears it Up in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore act Spooled Up released their Strange World EP on a cassette tape. 

I caught Spooled Up at The Ottobar in Baltimore, and they delivered an electric set. Based here in Charm City, they released an EP about a month ago called "Strange World". I personally have a cassette of it, and am on the hunt for a cassette player. A great energetic act that had everyone’s attention in the room. Naomi Davidoff (vocals/guitar) and Luke Spicknall (vocals/guitar) met about a decade ago, playing music together. It was around 2017 when they started to send song ideas to each other, and became a three piece with Flynn DiGuardio (drums) until Kaitlyn Baker joined in to play bass and record the EP, which you can find here.

When making their name, Luke and Naomi were constantly spitballing names and finally came across a term that aviators and engineers use for when a jet engine starts to increase in speed and kind of revs up, ‘spooling up.’ They liked it and thought it brought some energy to the band. 

They’re not newbies to the Baltimore scene, Luke and Noami started playing shows together in they early 2010’s and Flynn and Kaitlyn have been in bands together in the past. All of them have been in the music scene around here for about a decade. They just finally found their group, ready to fulfill their potential.

They recently went on a short tour run, and Flynn describes it as good to venture out of the hometown, the best part being everyone’s hospitality, catching the vibe of each city, and that a day without a Wendy’s blowout in the van is a blessing. Kaitlyn says that the long stretches of driving can be monotonous, but listening to music on the road is the best way to find new bands. 

The band is starting to write some new tunes, maybe to have a full length album in 2020. They have some shows lined up, in Baltimore and beyond. Keep an eye out for their new songs, and show announcements, and stream their debut EP Strange World.

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