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  • Elizabeth George

9 Things Only Avid Indie Concert Goers Appreciate

It's not all just plaid pants and Doc Martens

We thought it'd be fun to highlight some of the great things we love within the indie community, because why not? Let's take a moment to appreciate some of the little things about our ever growing and changing community.

1. Camping / Befriending people in line

Everyone knows that if you want barricade at a bigger indie show, you’ll probably need to camp out. But who’s going to watch your lawn chairs and blankets while you’re keeping warm in the nearest Starbucks? The people behind you in line of course.

2. Opening up the pit

Whether it’s during the most upbeat song or the slowest, saddest love song, a good circle pit is always appreciated.

3. A restaurant with a bathroom near the venue

Even better if the restaurant doesn’t make you buy something to use it and it’s big enough to get ready for the show in. Perfect for when you've been camping at the venue all day!

4. Tour dates that align with your class schedule

AKA the best feeling ever. No Friday classes means you can do Friday shows. Every. Single. One. And you'll probably take advantage of this every chance you get, while it lasts.

5. Getting excited when you see that a show is only four hours away

Most people would think four hours is way too far, but to an avid concert goer, four hours is nothing compared to the 24 you wait in line. And who doesn't love a mini road-trip anyway?

6. Cheap. Tickets.

We don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on tickets.(And can spend more on merch or other shows!)

7. Security passing out water before the show.

Sometimes you get lucky and they pass out bottles of water. Most of the time it’s just a hole poked in the top of the lid that they use to squirt the water into your mouth. But still, it's a lifesaver.

8. The opening act

The perfect way to find more indie bands to listen to! Sometimes they might even end up being your new fav band.

9. Meeting the artist after shows

It’s a lot easier to connect with the artist on a more personal level. Meeting them after shows and getting a chance to tell them how much you enjoy their music and thank them for what they do makes the countless hours of traveling and camping worth it.


What are your favorite things about the indie community? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter, tag a concert friend and let's talk about our fav things together!

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