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New Single Premiere “Porch Light” by Ourselves + Others

A year after releasing their first EP, Ourselves + Others return better than ever with their new theatrical single "Porch Light."

Houston, Texas based synth-pop rock band Ourselves + Others are stepping back into the spotlight with their energetic and hypnotic 80s electric sound. The band consists of Jonathan Barrett (keys/vocals), Stephen King (drums), and Mateo Rodriguez (guitar/keys/vocals). Ourselves + Others initially formed in April 2016, and since then the band has been working endlessly behind the scenes and establishing their roots. With no hesitation, their debut first EP 'Rudiment' was released on July 6, 2018 and gained positive feedback.

“Porch Light.”

“Porch Light” highlights the narrative story that revolves around a youthful relationship that ultimately falls into demise by the toxic attributes. Despite the lively 80s persona instrumentation, the heartfelt songwriting and vocal performance captures Barrett’s emotions perfectly. The lyrics of the track displays the essence of the split personality in the relationship.

Right at the start, “Porch Light” immediately hooks you with an anticipated line “Did you notice me linger when I hugged you last?” conveying a dark underlying range of emotions. The first line sets the foundation of the track and the rollercoaster of feelings that is to come. The chorus of the song “If you're a porch light, then I was a moth who got too close” explains the physicality of getting too close to someone and ending up getting hurt.

The layered harmonies throughout the song adds depth and creates a fun twist, making it a true musical experience. Unexpectedly a breakdown emerges in the middle of the track that slowly builds up tempo, developing an outburst of electrifying guitar, synth, and saturated drums. Arrangement of the break generates an expression of burning rage and finally breaking free. The track concludes with a passionate belt and showcasing the production of the instrumentation which goes hand and hand with Barrett’s vocals.

“Porch Light” is an intoxicating experimental single that will drive Ourselves + Others' career further down the line and will become a classic. The songwriting skills and ability to demonstrate aspects of 80s influence pop rock fuses into one, creating a multidimensional track.

Listen to "Porch Light" through the link below before its release tomorrow!

"Porch Light" by Ourselves + Others on SoundCloud

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