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  • Kathleen Florentine

Beat the Heat With Our Cool July Highlights

Round out your end of summer playlists with some of the best recent releases!

Welcome back to our monthly highlights! Over the past month, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite new releases, and we’re excited to share what we’ve found with you! Be sure to also check out the Spotify playlist at the end.

1. Welsh Avenue, “New Ways”

First up is the title track from the Welsh Avenue’s latest EP, “New Ways.” This Texas-based pop/alt-electro piano project from Mark DiLillo has been supplying us with bops since 2016. DiLillo has said the EP is all about “exploring the unknown, while following a dream,” which this title track exemplifies through its dreamy synth and melodic piano line that flows and drives us through the piece. Also, be sure to check out the video for Disco Moon, which came out August 1st!

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2. Endless Era, “Far”

Milwaukee-based trio Endless Era released “Far,” their follow-up to their debut song, this past month. Drawing influence from bands like LANY, joan, and Walk The Moon, their indie-pop infused sound is sure to make you wanna dance.

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3. Mauno, “Take Care”

“Take Care” is a single from Mauno’s upcoming album, ‘Really Well,’ out August 2nd. This duo has said that this song is a play on words, referring both to a woman taking on the role of a caregiver within a relationship, while also saying goodbye to it, realizing the care was not reciprocal and growing to resenting the expectation of a women’s role within the relationship.

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4. Teddi Gold, “Figure It Out”

It’s been a busy few months for rising indie pop act Teddi Gold. Since April, she’s released her first few songs, with her debut “Video Games” out this past April. “Figure It Out” is her latest release, a self-love anthem. Her goal is to use her pop sound as a “Trojan Horse” to make the heavy topics she wants to talk about that aren’t always present in pop more digestible. Be on the lookout for her self-titled debut EP, which drops August 16th! Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

5. Still, “Divinity”

Next up is the first release from the new LA based band Still, “Divinity.” Telling you Still has listed The Smiths and Wild Nothing as influences shouldn’t come as a surprise just from this song - and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Instagram | Spotify

6. Wildlife, “Wasted”

If you’re looking to get pumped up, “Wasted” is just for you! This new song from Wildlife is all about breaking through the negativity that can sometimes surround us.

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7. Fade Awaays, “As They Do”

“As They Do” is the first release from garage rock band Fade Awaays following their debut EP from earlier this year. Taking influence from British pop, this guitar-heavy track is sure to get you on your feet. Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

8. Frase, “Paper Cuts”

Like all his music, “Paper Cuts” is a song close to Frase’s heart. In this song, he speaks to the need for more compassion and cooperation in our current political climate, all against an upbeat, almost afrobeat backdrop. He is extremely passionate about environmental justice, and this song was inspired by the work being done to protect drinkable water supplies both globally and in his home province of British Columbia. Instagram | Spotify

9. Pekoe Cat, ‘Jungle Cop’

Next up is the new LP from “the artist you’ve never heard of,” or so Pekoe Cat calls himself. Producer/multi-instermentalist Kyle Woolven, the man behind Pekoe Cat, said that he went into creating this album without a plan or direction, and instead he simply took it one song at a time, perfecting each one before moving onto the next. Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

10. Absinthe Father, ‘soften’

Ending our list on a more mellow note, we have the new EP from Absinthe Father, ‘soften.’ This beautiful three-song collection was recorded and released all within the span of a day, but has been inspired by the past year of healing and growth they’ve experienced through the power of music. In addition to their other social media accounts, I’d recommend checking out their incredibly entertaining side Twitter, @thisbandfucks, where they share the music they’re currently listening to and loving.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these new releases - we sure have! Check out our Spotify playlist below featuring all the songs listed. Also, be sure to @ us on our socials letting us know your favorite songs from this month!

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