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  • Kathleen Florentine

FH&G's Dream Festival Lineup

As we are still in the midst of festival season, we wanted to take a moment to think - if we were able to plan our dream festival lineup, what would it look like?

It’s not hard to argue that summer is the best season - no school, warm weather, and most importantly - music festivals!

Maybe you’re a major festival goer, trekking back and forth across the country to hit all the major festivals, or maybe you’re more of a “stay home and watch the Coachella live-streams and friends Insta stories” type person - or, maybe something in between! But no matter what, as a music lover, little compares to the excitement of seeing your favorite bands on a festival lineup, even if just for the recognition they are getting!

So, as we go further into this festival season, we wanted to stop and ask - if we could plan our own festival, who would we want to see on our lineup? Here’s just a few of our top picks!

Natalie Prass

You may know Natalie Prass from “Short Court Style,” her single off her latest album, but there’s so much more to hear from her! This singer-songwriter from Virginia has been music-minded ever since she was very young, and it shows through her music. Her folksy music with a message - she scrapped a whole album following the 2016 US election and wrote “The Future and the Past” in response to how she felt as a woman in America at that time - is perfect for our festival.

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Jacob Sigman

The music from Detroit based singer Jacob Sigman is a beautiful marriage of motown, soul and pop. Whenever I throw on some of his tunes, I can’t help but for a moment forget my worries dance around a lil, no matter where I am. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way every day, but especially at our festival!

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Emilee is a newcomer from Arkansas whose dream pop jams we’d love to dance and sway to at our festival. Just from the two songs and one feature she’s released since she began this project earlier this year, we already have “High Hopes” for what’s to come!

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Young & Sick

Young & Sick is the creation of Dutch musician and artist Nick van Hofwegen. Not only has he created jams that would be sure to get festival-goers of their feet, he’s also the man behind some iconic album artwork, including Foster the People’s “Tourches” and “Supermodel” and Maroon 5’s “Overexposed.” Both musically and visually, Young & Sick would be an exciting addition to our lineup!

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Valley is another band that I can’t help but to tap my foot to their music no matter where I am. Even though you sadly can’t actually see them at our imaginary festival, you can see them opening for our other favs, The Band CAMINO, this fall!

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Beach House

As a long time fan of Beach House, I’d love to see them headline our festival, plus their music is made for those ~festival vibes~. This dream pop duo from Baltimore have been gracing the world with their music since 2004, and have been playing the festival circuit ever since. Ending our night with this iconic duo would be a dream.

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Who would you want to see? Make your own lineup with the template provided on our Instagram or Twitter (@forhitsandgigs) and tag us in it!

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