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  • Emily Koch

Flipturn Helped Us Breakdown Their Latest Track "Eleanor"

Finally some good news comes out of Florida other than another “Florida man” robbing a store with a banana.

Last Friday, Florida natives Flipturn released their first track in over a year. “Eleanor” is a tribute to the struggles every young adult encounters. Whether the feeling that life is stalling, feeling inadequate, or the feeling of overwhelming dread, “Eleanor” speaks to the journey of accepting and attempting to overcome those emotions. The song represents a slight departure from Flipturn’s well-defined sound and a venture into a funkier sound. Read more below for what Flipturn had to say about “Eleanor”.

What was the inspiration for this track?

Flipturn - Eleanor’s inspiration came from the feeling of self doubt that many of us have when we are faced with the real world. Eleanor isn’t about one person or individual. It’s a metaphor for those that find themselves hiding behind false confidence from the fear of failure.

What was the process behind creating this song?

Flipturn - It started with a riff Tristan wrote sitting in his living room. After he recorded a few parts into Ableton, Tristan brought the recording to the band and we worked out a structure for the song. We were mostly happy with it, but it was still needing more. When we went into the studio to record it, we really sat down with it and put it all together piece by piece into what it is now.

Who was involved in the song writing?

Flipturn - It was something we all worked through as a band. During our practices, we like to all jam together and formulate our parts individually while also checking in with each other to make sure we’re on the same page and creative wavelength.

Was this always how you thought the song would come together or did it evolve during the songwriting process?

Flipturn - In all honesty, most of our music has evolved through the writing process, but I think this one was even more evident of that. But I also think it was very consistent in the direction of where it was heading. There’s another song that we have been working on for over a year and it’s been through sooo many different versions that I don’t even remember the original demo anymore.

Does this mean we can get a demo for this bad boy too? *crosses fingers*

Describe the studio experience for “Eleanor” specifically.

Flipturn - The studio experience we had when recording Eleanor was by far our favorite one yet. We recorded at our friends’ home studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida (shoutout to The New Good Music!) We were all very comfortable and stress-free so the creative process in the studio was at an all time high. We were able to take a song that wasn’t completely finished and experiment with it to the point of creating some really cool parts that we hadn’t thought of before being in the studio.

Was your experience writing this song similar to your other songs?

Flipturn - With Eleanor we definitely tried to take a step further in the writing process. There was much more attention to detail with planning how the song flowed and how each part fits in cohesively with the other aspects of the song.

How was it different than other songs?

Flipturn - When we started out with Eleanor, we didn’t necessarily intend for it be written differently. We just knew we wanted to write better songs with more to them than just a catchy hook. We made careful choices regarding instrumentation and composition to showcase each section of the song, and to make it feel more real and alive. The more that we wrote, the easier it got to see what all it could be.

The sound of "Eleanor" is aligned with your typical sound while incorporating elements of folk, different instruments unusual in the indie world, what inspired that?

Flipturn - We are constantly trying to evolve our sound. What’s so great about the indie/alternative genre is that it is so wide and allows for a lot of experimentation. We aren’t trying to write to fit a certain genre, but rather just write something that we believe sounds cool, no matter what instrumentation is involved.

Can we expect more songs like "Eleanor" in the future?

Flipturn - While we can’t say the rest of our songs will sound like Eleanor, we can say you should expect them to evolve and mature in the way we believe our sound with Eleanor has.

There you have it folks, the exclusive inside scoop on Flipturn’s latest single and what’s coming next. Check them out on social media below.

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