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  • Konstantina Buhalis

Keep Summer Alive With These 10 August Releases

Summer is now over, taking long nights and festival season with it, but you don't have to let those feelings of freedom and excitement go.

All of these amazing up and coming artists released music just at the tail-end of summer, right in time for you to add it to your playlists and keep that summer feeling alive! Don't forget to check out the Spotify playlist linked at the end with all this great new music.

1. “Pal” by J.R.

This track is an airy ballad with a mid 90’s feel, and is lyrically focused on the ups and downs of mental health this track is introspective and realistic. Check out the music video for it right here!

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2. “On to the Next” by Katmaz 

This single has a jazzy edge with modern standbys like a looping drum beat and hints of techno influence. It is distinctly New York, with its hyper cool sound. Themed around all the troubles that come with dating, this track reminds us that modern romantic convenience isn’t always what it seems. 

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3. “Breeze” by Nightshifts 

This next one is the featured single off the new EP ‘Window Weather,’ it features Jack McGuiness as a collaborator and producer. This track takes a Soundcloud style, with trap influenced drum beats and an Instagram glamor. This single takes us on a trip, sweeping us up in a warm embrace and reminding us that we aren’t alone on our journeys. 

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4. “Tommy” by Sour Widows

This Bay Area Bedroom pop band released their debut single, “Tommy,” on August 2nd in anticipation of their upcoming self-titled LP later this year. Their next single “Pilot Light” is out on September 13th, so make sure to take a listen when it first comes out!

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5. “Straight from the Heart” ft. Skye Wallace by Jane’s Party

This Toronto quartet reimagines their single and recruits Skye Wallace to add her vocals to create this spaced out banger. Taking cues from the “Macintosh Tapes” and “Lo-fi Beats to Relax and Study to,” this track is uniquely modern in taste and entirely sentimental. It is a modern love song to remind us that it’s the little things in the relationships that help build the bonds.

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6. “Little Feather” by Adera 

A synthed out heart racing track that is reminiscent of Euro-club hits, it grabs by the wrist and nearly snaps as it leads us into a hazy path of understanding. With no real navigation techniques, this song is whirlwind of exotic beats and mental gymnastics. 

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7. “Hair Elastic” by LeRiche 

An ode to his daughter and missing home, this track tackles the emotional toll of bring on tour and separated from your family. The jazzy radio pop sounds keeps the track relevant and fresh.

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8. “Downtown Apartment” by Perpetuals 

Reminiscent of the neo-noir sounds of the 90s, this track takes a blissful turn into the velvety dark sounds of soul. Using easily digestible lyricism, the track is smooth and flows like honey. 

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9. 'Admirer' by Stella Emmett 

You may not be familiar with ‘IkeaCore yet’, but you will be. Coined by Stella Emmett, her album is the easy listening she refers to as IkeaCore, because in theory you could listen to it while simply furniture shopping. With loose techno beats and a chill vibe, this release is multi-purpose and can easily be your new daily soundtrack for all the tasks you need to accomplish. 

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10. “On My Side” by Peach Luffe

Sweet and summery, the new Peach Luffe is inspired by the bedroom pop of “Salad Days.” It’s guitar heavy and surf rock tendencies make it an end of the summer hit. 

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Check out all the releases right here, and make sure to tag us on Instagram or Twitter telling us which are your favorites!

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