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  • Hanna Oliva

Anneliese McCarthy “Wild One” Music Video & Single Premiere

Anneliese McCarthy makes her debut with her dreamy and retro new single and music video debut, “Wild One”.

Anneliese McCarthy is a dream-folk singer/songwriter based from New York, making her debut appearance by releasing her retro-inspired music video for lead single, “Wild One”. McCarthy released her first EP “Daydream” in 2016 while attending art school, where she met her soon to be guitarist Henry Ellison (Hank Painter). McCarthy’s celestial like sound and poetic songwriting brings out her show stopping essence gaining influences from Courtney Barnett and Joni Mitchell. “Wild One” is also the latest of three singles to be released from her forthcoming EP, “Party Girl.” which is set to come out later this year. “Wild One” is a hauntingly beautiful track that personifies McCarthy’s getaway from a dark relationship and leaving before she loses herself in the process. Her “lust for life” attitude will bring her the ultimate control and leadership to truly transform herself. McCarthy explained that the importance of “This song in particular is about looking back at an intense romantic relationship that ended badly, and reflecting upon the lessons learned and the growth that occurred from both love and the loss of it.”

“Wild One” showcases a breakthrough and self discovery into what you can gain from a challenging relationship. The luscious vocals generates a harmonious aspect adding life to the song. Further on, the melancholy and introspective guitar riff further pushes McCarthy’s sound into a dream like state. The layered instrumentation switching from a soft folk ballad to an ethereal atmosphere by stringing in serene piano and drums. The track alone feels like it belongs in a slow dance from the 80s or simply listening to it alone in your room and getting lost into another world.

The “Wild One” music video directed by Julia Sub creates a hazy and vintage aesthetic that perfectly illustrates the track. Double exposure visuals of McCarthy and a single spotlight creates a nostalgic yet eerie experience. The overall coloring of pinks, reds, and blues adds the extra spark setting the tone of the song. Sub describes the process of shooting the music video by taking inspiration of how , “The sound of the track is so fragile but has this undertone of strength and forceful willingness to be free or prove one’s ownership of the heart.”

“Wild One” by Anneliese McCarthy is a poetic and powerful track that collectively demonstrates a turn of events. This song is sure to be added into your fall playlist for those cozy nights. Make sure to check out Anneliese’s new EP “Party Girl” set to release this year and hear more of her dreamy vocals. You can also follow Anneliese socials and keep up with her journey.

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