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Talking Future with Futurist (Interview)

Ahead of the band’s Sophomore LP 'Omens,' Curtis Peel of Futurist answered questions about the upcoming release, life, and what's to come.

With their first and latest release being from 2011, Futurist is coming back strong in just a few short weeks (September 27th!!). Read all about what Curtis Peel has been up to lately, his favorites off the LP, and much more, right now! And make sure to stick around and listen to their newest single, "Bad Air, Still Water," linked at the end.


What got you interested in making music to begin with?

I’ve been involved in music my entire life. I grew up playing piano, singing in school and church choirs, and eventually got into percussion in middle school and high school. I went to college in Colorado originally for percussion and switched majors halfway through and got my degree in composition, I’ve been playing in bands with my friends since high school.

Besides music, what are other things that you do for fun? Any interesting hobbies?

I’m an animator/director and make music videos and animations for work . As for fun, nothing in particular, but I do like it.

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Things started in Colorado and are now Brooklyn based, why the move?

I moved to NYC after school because it was time. I had graduated and spent a year there, but I needed a bigger city to get this stuff into motion, I lived in NYC for 11 years and am now in Texas. My needs and desires are still evolving... My brother had a baby and I wanted to be closer to my family during this process, but I’m looking for something new I haven’t quite actualized yet.

What is your favorite track from ‘Omens’? Which was your favorite to record?

It’s a tough call, but I think the opening track “Slow Motion” may be my favorite because it is the most unique sounding. Our overall sound has developed a lot over the years and I think that tune is the most progressive in where we are headed in the future. My favorite track to record was probably “Born On Fire,” when you hear it you’ll understand. The vocal track has these wild freestyle layers where I just howled and made random noises to convey the madness going on throughout.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations, music and/or life wise?

Most people who know me know I love Jim Henson. I like him for several reasons, the first being his body of work. When people think of the muppets, or specifically one like Kermit the Frog, they don’t think of the puppeteer, or muppeteer? behind the scenes, they think of Kermit the Frog. He’s living and lives in the minds and hearts of everyone as much as any human celebrity would. That’s how powerful the imagination is and how successful that man was at uploading his own imagination onto the collective mind’s eye. Secondly, he had a lot of fun and collaborated and hired all of his friends. They made everything happen and everyone who worked with him praised the experience and grew to love the process as much as he did and many long after he died. And lastly, the man had a big family to carry on his legacy and his memory. These are all things I aspire for in this life.

Is there a message you want your fans to take away from the upcoming release?

Yes, come out to our shows! We implanted the subliminal messages throughout though, so don’t worry.

How would you describe the new album to someone who has never heard your music before?

Our main goal here was to make a collection of singles so we could grow our listener and fanbase. You’ll find a lot of variety in the music, but that was the underlying goal of this Sophomore LP. We have some headier concepts on the assembly line, but we gotta grow our crowd. Everything with Spotify these days is single based so we are playing to the platform.

Besides an album coming out late September, do you have any other upcoming projects or things you want us to share?

Like I said, we have some far more intricate stuff on deck. We have a concept album that we are hoping to release around 2021 that we’re more than halfway through recording. This will feature a lot of animation and visual elements, directed by yours truly.

What is one of your main goals as artists? Like playing certain venues, selling out tours…?

Well, I went to school in Boulder, so it’s been a dream of mine since 2003 to perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Mostly we’d love to be able to do this full time for a living. We all still have to do our other gigs to make money and finance the dream. If I could be a part of something that supported my life and future family, I think I’d be more than happy with that.


Thank you Curtis for chatting with us! Make sure to check out Futurist through the links below, and mark your calendars for the upcoming release, 'Omens,' out September 27th!

In the meantime, take a listen to Futurist's newest single ~

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