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Don't Be "Foolish" and Miss Out on This OBB Interview

Atlanta natives and band of brothers OBB are releasing a new single, “Foolish,” through Curb Records, just after finishing up a national tour.

The band, comprised of the three Oswald brothers, has been playing together as a band for over ten years. They are most widely known for their song “Mona Lisa” off the EP 'Is This a Thing,' which was featured in a 2018 Chromebook ad.

OBB’s latest single "Foolish" is sugary, sweet and takes inspiration from 2010s pop, with electronics complementing the live instrumentals, bringing the whole track full circle. This track is fun and exciting and built for radio play; it’s catchy and reminiscent of Pandora radio days. Recently they released “Close By” and “7 Billion,” with a music video that followed the release of the track. OBB is slated to release more music in the coming year, but has not announced any concrete dates.


You’re still coming off of the success of the use of your track, “Mona Lisa” in a Google Chromebook Ad. What was it like to have exposure like that, on a national scale, and how do you think it changed the trajectory of your career?

It was amazing to get that call from Google that they wanted to use our song in a worldwide ad. We had so many people reaching out to us that they had seen the commercials during football games and TV shows. We are so glad they have now used our song for two years -- it has brought a ton of publicity our way. For example, we got our song in a Dude Perfect YouTube video after that exposure!

Dave Aude remixed some of your tracks, can you walk us through how that came about? What was your reaction to the remixes?

It’s pretty cool to have our song remixed by someone who has a Grammy for Bruno Mars and over 200 numbers 1's on the Dance Charts. Our label introduced us to him, and we still enjoy writing with him to this day. We know have a great friendship with him and enjoy hanging out.

Your newest release, “Foolish,” is a straight BOP. What was it like making this track?

We had a great time writing the song “Foolish.” It’s always fun getting our guitar out and jamming at our writing sessions. We were up on our feet walking and dancing the whole time we wrote this song.

Your sound is distinctly 2010s, who are some of your influences?

We love classic rock; I’d say that’s a big influence on our sound. We love the band feel, and we like to write in such a way that we can play it live and have it feel just like the track.

The fact that you’re brothers adds an extra layer to the dynamics of the band, how do you think this helps in the creative processes?

I love the fact that we get to do this as brothers. The way we’re able to work together, I think it’s a huge advantage. We know each other so well and can tell if we’re all on the same page or not. I think it makes the writing process easier for us.

What kinds of things do you have coming up after “Foolish?”

We have some awesome shows coming up, the music video for “Foolish,” and more music right around the corner!

Your Facebook fanpage 'The OBBssessed' is unique in that many bands don’t even have an official fanpage anymore, what inspired the decision to make it, and do you feel like you’re more connected to the fans in this way?

Yeah I can’t tell you how many times we have had fans become good friends with us and other fans using social media like our fan page. It’s a great place for people to chat and an easy way for us to chat with our fans.

Your grandmother inspired you to audition for the CBS “Singing Family Face-Off,” was this the first time you had all considered working together as a band?

No, we had done some local battles of the bands and we were really enjoying making music together but after the CBS competition, we knew we had something special. It was like a validation that we could do this.

You’ve been very open about the struggles and sacrifices of being an artist, can you give us an update on how things are progressing now?

There have been many tough times, and we know there are more to come for sure, but I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do. Working with my family and writing music for people to enjoy is such an amazing job.

How was your experience on the tour you just finished? Do you have any plans to tour again soon?

We had a great time out on the road. We met so many new people and got to play some awesome venues. We will be heading back out on another tour very soon!


Big thanks to OBB for chatting with us! Make sure to check them out on all their socials so you don't miss all the exciting things they have in the works! Their music is available on all streaming platforms.

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