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  • Isabella Grella

Introducing the Genre-Blending Polar Boys

For Miami-based indie band The Polar Boys, music is approached in a holistic style. By experimenting with new sounds, cultivating energetic stage presence and even venturing into fashion, The Polar Boys create music for a new generation.

The Polar Boys, which consists of Andy Zambrana, Jake Karner, Alex Ramon and Andres Baquerizo, are continuing their string of singles with their upcoming release, “Intro.” For Hits & Gigs talked to them about the anticipation surrounding the “Intro” release, their inspirations and the future of music.

What do you feel like each one of you contributes to the Polar Boys’ brand?

What’s really sick about our band dynamic is that each of us cater to a different important asset of the band. Things like the music writing, performance , and the business side to it all.

How do you want that overall brand to develop with the release of new music?

We would want it to always reflect our vision and artistry. It’s something that’s going to continue to adapt and change depending on where we are mentally in our life.

How has the launch of POBO affected the Polar Boys’ image?

POBO has given us an alternative outlet to express our creativity through. Before POBO, anything that we were currently feeling whether that be stress or happiness was reflected on to our music, now that POBO is a thing we could do the same with clothes.

You recently discussed the strategy of releasing continuous singles and capturing your audience’s attention. How will you keep the audience connection personal in an increasingly digital age?

Nowadays we feel like people always want something new and can tend to get bored of things pretty easily when it comes to new music. So instead of releasing an album we thought it’d be best to spread the songs and release them separately. We feel like it’ll also give the songs their own time to shine separately so that people can really enjoy them.

You’ve listed inspirations from Tyler the Creator to the Strokes. How will you distinguish yourself among the many artists today?

We feel like there’s a lot to take from genres like hip-hop and rap that could be implemented into a band dynamic. We’re not even just talking about music here, it could consist of things such as style, live performances etc. That’s something we feel is kinda lacking with bands now, and we hope to fill in that void somehow. We’re just writing music we like and hoping people just like what we do!

There’s been a lot of anticipation for your upcoming single “Intro.” How does the release of this single compare to other recent releases?

We’ve been teasing at this new sound for about a year now which is already something we’ve never done with any other tune before. Apart from that, we’ve focused heavily on things we never cared to do before such as heavy promotion, press, and ways for fans to get engaged in it all.

What can we expect from “Intro?”

Expect something really different. Don’t go in with a certain expectation, just listen with an open mind. Compared to our other tracks it’s nothing like we’ve ever released, but it still feels like polar boys ya know.

Your social media, clothing brand and the overall band have unique and strong visual aspects to it. What does the fusion of art and music mean to you?

It means a lot more than people would assume based on the surface level of it all. We want to be able to look back at it in a couple of years and for it show growth and where our heads were at it during that time. It’s because what you see is a transparent image of who we are as people right now, art and music need to reflect what you’re feeling and or what you’re thinking.

How do you feel you guys play a role in the future of music?

We feel like this will be a really funny and interesting question to look back at it in like 5 years. At the end of the day all we can really hope is that our vision transcends the test of the time and forms into something really original and as a good representation of the current timeline we’re living in. this world is so fucked up right now and history has shown that music and art have always been the answer/cure to all of that. so let’s see if we get to be apart of that.

Their new single “Intro” comes out on September 27 on all streaming platforms. If you can’t get enough of The Polar Boys, FH&G has more content on them coming shortly! For now, be sure to check them out below. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Spotify | Apple Music