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  • Hanna Oliva

The Polar Boys, “INTRO” Single Premiere

The Polar Boys redefine their sound with their highly anticipated contemporary and funky new single “Intro”.

The Miami-based indie pop band, The Polar Boys, have returned with a vengeance and are turning heads with their striking and mature single, “Intro”. The Polar Boys are a modern twist fusing 60’s influences, indie rock, and hip hop by majorly being influenced by The Beatles, The Strokes, and Tyler The Creator. The band consists of four lifelong friends, Andy Zambrana (vocals), Jake Karner (drums), Alex Ramon (bass) and Andres Baquerizo (guitar).

Since their first single, “Life’s a Dream” in 2017, and their self-titled EP in 2018, The Polar Boys quickly gained a hometown following in Florida, sending them to immediate stardom. The band continued to release 2 new tracks, “I Know A Place” and “I Believe” in late 2018, and their most recent single “After Breakfast” almost a year ago.

The Polar Boys have stepped into new grounds and are reintroducing themselves by diverting from their signature surf-rock/pop sound. They have experimentally grown with their perfectly titled track, and thrilling new single, “Intro”. The band is not afraid of making their voices heard by delivering more personal topics showing their maturity and growth.

“Intro” is a reflective and bold track that highlights the band’s wildest dreams, high expectations, and fears of a career in the music industry. The production in “Intro” is unlike what we had heard from The Polar Boys in the past. The track delivers an infatuating hip-hop presence with hints of funky 80’s synths yet still having slight remnants of their 60’s roots.

The song is introduced with brooding and distorted guitars leaving you astonished as it is a complete 180 of their youthful sound. The thunderous bass drums and guitar sets the tone of “Intro”, instantly creating a groovy and intoxicating feel that leaves you hooked. An appearance of the classic harmonically-rich and dreamy vocals by Zambrana still channels the nostalgic sound.

The most open and direct line of the track, “Dreamt about the future and I haven’t hit my prime. I can never give it up, doing good but not enough, tried my best to make it far, got to buy my mom a car”, showcases the struggle and strive for their measure for success. Moreover, the repetition of the line “Are you satisfied yet?”, can be perceived as how success is defined differently by each individual person. Once we cross out a goal, we always move onto the next thing without actually appreciating the hard work already accomplished. It is a constant cycle of wanting to fulfill more goals at a fast rate.

“Intro” glows with the layered atmospheric instrumentation showcasing the band’s ability to completely transform into a modern and fresh style. It is a track that leaves you ‘satisfied’ yet wanting more. It’s no surprise that the band’s retro and energetic sound gravitated towards many listeners. They have evolved into a presence beyond their timeless sound and still portray the same attitudes in their performances.

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