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  • Katelyn Pawlish

First Fall Favorites: September Highlights

Fall is here, get your playlists ready by adding these six new songs to your queue.

Since we started doing monthly highlights back in January (hard to believe it's been this long already!), we've had the pleasure of introducing you guys to over 60 up and coming artists! This month, we've got some amazing tracks for y'all, one of our best roundups yet - so what are you waiting for? Get to listening! As always, Spotify playlist is linked at the end.

Slouch, "Duplicity"

This electronic rock single comes from Glasgow-based, new wave alternative group Slouch. "Duplicity" is their second single of 2019, following "In Your Mind" which was released at the beginning of the year. The song's message is heavy, it tackles the issue of the lack of empathy that fuels division in society. However, while its message is deep, this song is still bop-able. Meaning you can still dance to it without diving full-on into society's looming problems.

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The High Loves, "Tried Too Hard"

Speaking of bop-ability, this track's sound from indie rock band The High Loves is fun, upbeat, and something I definitely see myself jamming to in the car. It's about the trials of dating post long-term relationship, trying too hard to relive what is now over, and inevitably failing to do so. This four-piece is from Toronto, and draws inspiration from bands such as The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys. Earlier this year, they won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition with their track "High Rise."

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Jade the Moon, "If I Had Lots Of Money"

This pop single off the upcoming album '11:11' out October 20 is an honest look at the fact that money cannot fix everything, but having it is freeing, in some sense. The video for this song depicts an elderly woman at bingo who becomes unhappy as her husband keeps brushing her off during the game because he is so focused on winning the prize money. Just at the last second, she ends up winning the Jackpot. What happens after she wins the money? Watch to find out!

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Nutrients, "Such Slime"

This track is a lot to take in - from the dreamy opening to the intermittent saxophone, this song will take you on an indie-wonderland journey. Written with the intention of being someone's favorite karaoke song in a different universe, Nutrients imagines it being sung in a poorly lit, half-empty bar. I imagine that whoever chooses to drunkenly, or soberly, sing this song would be having the time of their life up their on stage.

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Julia Bhatt, "Tall"

"Tall" is Julia Bhatt's debut single, and wow, is she starting with a bang. The 17 year-old Miami based singer introduces her electric, distinct sound with this genre-bending track. Solely based on this one song, it is clear Bhatt is serious about standing apart and into the spotlight - and I for one cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

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Hey Major, "The Station"

This brother duo from Montreal spent a portion of this year recording their debut album, which will be released soon! "The Station" is their newest single and is an alternative-indie track that describes those fleeting moments between two people when there is potential for something, but letting it pass and knowing it won't work. The accompanying video for the song depicts those feelings in a love story that begins at a train station. Check it out here!

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We hope you guys love these new releases! You can listen to them right here, all in one place through this playlist. And make sure to check back in next month for a whole new set of brand new songs!

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