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  • Kathleen Florentine

Breaking Down ‘Vol. II’ with Young Clancy

We had the chance to speak with Young Clancy and get an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of his new EP, ‘Vol II’.

On October 4th, Toronto-based singer/songwriter/producer Young Clancy released his latest EP, ‘Vol. II’. This EP serves as a sequel to his debut EP, ‘Yung Prince of the Basement’ from 2017.

‘Vol. II’ is an exploration of a modern and fractured masculine perspective. Throughout the EP there is a loose narrative which delves into the personal lives and relationships of the subject - or subjects. Within each track, there is still a longing for love and hope over emptiness.

Following the release, we had the opportunity to discuss the new EP with Young Clancy, who gave us a track by track breakdown. Listen along reading about each track below!

“Take Me 2”

… is about the intense but fleeting euphoria of revelry and rash decisions – knowing better and doing it anyways… drinks and drugs… baring your soul to someone you’ve just met… the state of being all to willing to chose pleasure over perseverance.

Musically inspired by early Isley Brothers records but also 60s lounge lizards… Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Jr and the like…


… could be seen as the fallout from “Take Me 2” – raging against the comedown. The character in the song feels suddenly alone in their drunken and manic state and begs someone to join them on their ‘Level’ - one that is notably sunken as opposed to the Dionysian height of “Take Me 2.”

Draws inspiration from rawer, more aggressive 70s soul – The Four Tops, The Ruffin Brothers, Gene Williams… Those wild vocal performances, how saturated and beautifully messy some of those records sound.

“Baby Boy”

… a break-up song between male friends… in which the singer attempts to let down easy the titular baby boy – a platonic friend, one who is dear to his heart but who is stuck in his ways… drunken, aimless, who is toxic yet able to pull at the heartstrings because of history and fond memories … the singer perhaps sees this gesture as an exorcising of his own boyishness … a necessary step in the path to personal growth …

Musically inspired by more symphonic soul sound of The Delfonics, Jerry Butler but also some tracks from the Arthur Russell record “Love is Overtaking Me”


… in which the singer offers comfort and devotion to a depressive lover named ‘Pookie’ who may or may not want him around. A hopelessly misguided attempt to bring light to her darkness via fiery self-immolation – to take her pain away by transferring it to himself.

Musically inspired by the later David Ruffin records (“Walk Away From Love” is a favourite)... The vocal refrain in intro and outro is out of Kanye’s or maybe Frank Ocean’s book.

“Up With the Birds”

... is the crazed / tranquil feeling one experiences when they stay up long enough to see the sun come up… simultaneously experiencing the beauty of the sunrise along with one’s own relative “ghoulishness.”

Wrote “Up With the Birds” by repurposing guitar riff / chords I wrote when I was 16… Production / arrangement inspired by Arthur Russell, Lewis Baloue and Phil Collins demos.


... originally inspired by the movie ‘Wall-E’, particularly the relationship between Wall-E and EVE… similar to ‘Pookie’ the singer submits himself to his partner, offering himself as a clown, a human stress ball, a distraction – whatever she needs to feel better, he promises to make her “well.” As endearing as his efforts may be to care for her, his words reek of jealousy and self-loathing. As RuPaul always says…

Musically is inspired by jazz standards and 90’s RnB.

Be sure to check out ‘Vol. II’ and follow Young Clancy at their socials below!

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