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Take The “Easy Train” With Coastal Cloud’s Latest Track

Kick off your shoes and sit back while you listen to Coastal Cloud’s new, nostalgia-heavy single, “Easy Train,” out October 11th!
Puerto Rico-born and California-based musician Roberto Rodriguez is the genius mind behind Coastal Clouds, and it’s no surprise that his new song is an authentically real piece masked by easy-going melodies and jamming instruments. The song is what its listeners make of it--but no matter what you’re going through in life, whether it be trying to get through college or working that 9 to 5 to pay off the rent, “Easy Train” allows you to fully relax, forget about your troubles, and reminisce about the free-flowing past. Read more below as Coastal Clouds breakdown this awesome track for us.


What was the inspiration for the track?

I think the inspiration was looking back and realizing how easy we had it when we were younger before things got “real”. Back then, we were all on the “Easy Train.” Now as we get older we go through a rollercoaster of ups and downs ...Our moods are continuously shifting with our responsibilities, stress, and sometimes financial standing . For a moment , “ I was on the Easy Train, she was down on her luck” but that may not stay like that forever. I guess it refers to different stages and life’s highs and lows.

Who was involved in the song writing?

Myself, and Billy Mohler, producer, wrote the bass and some of the electric guitar parts. Eli Pearl slayed a guitar solo at the end.

What came first, the melody or the lyrics?

The melody.

What was the process behind the creation of this song?

A lot of my songs usually start with the strumming of an acoustic in my room and adding words to the melody I have in my head . Then figuring out a change in chords that flows well and that's it!

Did you come across any difficulties while creating the track?

Maybe while writing a change/ bridge part.

How do you feel this track compares to other songs that you’ve written? How is “Easy Train” different from the rest?

I think it “rocks out” the most out of any song at the end when all the instruments are just going off...

This song reminds me so much of the likes of modern Kurt Vile and old school Neil Young. Did you have any musical inspirations in mind when creating this track?

I do like both artists, but they were not consciously in my head while writing this specific song. I think Elliott Smith was definitely in the back of my head on this one.

What was the studio experience like for “Easy Train”?

Often I’ll record an idea at home and bring it to Billy’s (producer) studio and record drums on top of the scratch track, if there is one, and then go back and re-record everything on top of drums. We had awesome musicians come in to record parts - Eli Pearl (guitar solo), Billy Mohler (bass/electric guitar), Sasha Smith (piano), Trevor Estes (drums).

Is there anything that you want listeners to take away from the track?

I just hope they enjoy it and analyze and apply the lyrics to their own life experience.

Can we expect to hear more amazing songs like this in the future?

Yes! Our self-titled, full length album comes out October 25th via MAKE Records.


For Hits and Gigs wants to thank Coastal Clouds for taking the time to answer our questions. Mark your calendars for October 25th, but until then, stream “Easy Train” and other songs from Coastal Clouds now!

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