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laye Talks Debut Album ‘lonesome,' Music Videos

Montreal-based pop artist laye creates an ethereal world of dreamy, dark sounds on her debut album ‘lonesome.’
laye’s unique blend of dark, retro, and futuristic aesthetics has captivated fans and garnered comparisons to the likes of Billie Eilish, Pale Waves, and Halsey. She released her debut album, ‘lonesome,’ in July after four years of intense work. More recently, laye has released music videos for singles “no love lost” and “sicker,” both of which visually complement her eclectic style. Find out more about laye’s career and new releases below! //

I've heard you started out by writing poetry before transitioning to music. What was that change like? What inspired it?

Basically my passion for music. I wanted to be able to sing my own words so I started changing my poems into lyrics and picked up a guitar.

What was the process behind your debut album, 'lonesome'? How long did it take?

It took a few years and it was a different experience than I would have thought. Some of the songs on the album were done without an album in mind, while others were done with an album in mind and so then I had to find a way to make all of them go together and be cohesive.

You've worked with some pretty impressive producers. Can you shout out someone you loved working with?

I loved working with Kevvy Maher and Joel Stouffer on ‘likefck’ because there was such a good feeling there. I think we all felt that we were making something special and different and it was one of the first songs that I did that felt very ‘laye’. And on top of that, it was during a SOCAN writing camp on Pender Island in a set up that overlooked such beautiful scenery, so that added to it too.

What is your favorite instrument you play and what's the one you'd love to learn?

I don’t play any instruments too well, just rough enough to write songs to. The instrument I’d love to improve on and perfect to some extent would be piano.

How did you develop your unique vocal style? Did you grow up singing or discover it later on?

I grew up singing around the house but I definitely only discovered my vocal style a little later. You need to sing and write enough to find out what works for you, to find your voice.

How has social media helped you grow your music and your brand? What's your favorite platform to connect with fans on?

Social media is amazing because it’s the one place where I really get to express myself outside of music, in a visual way. It’s also great to connect with fans, both Twitter and Instagram would be my favorite platforms for that because they’re both great in different ways.

As a solo artist, was finding the confidence to stand on stage and sing to a crowd difficult? How did you get over any fear and become the confident woman we see in your videos and on your socials?

It’s a work in progress. I think ‘sicker’ really shows that that’s something I want to be better at. And in terms of confidence on stage- it’s been a process but I’ve been growing to love it.

A lot of the aesthetics in your work are very dark. Are there particular inspirations for this mood? How did this aesthetic develop?

I mainly want my aesthetic to be a representation of who I am as an artist and human. The more that that lines up, the truer the art is.

A lot of your visuals, like album covers and music videos, have a retro/vintage feel. What inspired those vibes? Do you have any specific influences in mind when creating visuals?

I wanted my visuals to be both retro and futuristic because I feel like that’s who I am. The 'lonesome' album art has a retro poster feel to it while including holograms of myself to have that futuristic feel.

What is the story behind the music video for "no love lost" and your new video for “sicker”? They both have such an interesting, mystifying, and beautiful vibe!

Thank you! 'no love lost’ was visually something that I wanted to make darker as that song was one of the more pop ones on the album. I wanted it to represent myself and so I wore a lot of my actual clothing in the video. But on another level, I wanted it to demonstrate me holding myself captive, representing the sort of self-torture we allow ourselves to endure. For ‘sicker,’ it was a fashion-editorial twist on the lyrics and meaning of that song. We wanted it to really portray people confident and comfortable in who they are but with that fashion aesthetic to it.

What was your favorite outfit from the "no love lost" video and which was the least comfortable to wear?

My favorite was probably my long white nightgown with the harness over it, and none of them were particularly uncomfortable to wear!


Dark pop is an emerging genre that captivates listeners and creates a world of its own. laye’s debut album, ‘lonesome,’ shows off a new voice with incredible talent.

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