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  • Amy Paine

Jet Black Alley Cat’s Newest Track Celebrates their Supporters in the Best Way

On November 15, Nashville-based quintet Jet Black Alley Cat released a new single titled “Fight XVIII.” The band recently entered their “Black Era,” with fans speculating about upcoming developments after the release of two tracks.

The eclectic vintage-inspired band has previously released two successful albums, but new music hasn’t appeared since May of 2018. Throughout their career, the band has built up an encouraging and inclusive community. Like many other artists, young women have supported Jet Black Alley Cat’s creativity and formed the majority of their fanbase.

“Fight XVIII” is the band’s way of giving back to the community of young women who have helped them grow. The sincere sentiment behind the track shines through; the song doesn’t pander to its audience, but genuinely acknowledges them. Upon the song’s release, Jet Black Alley Cat took to social media to discuss the meaning and creative processes behind the track.

Often, people in the music scene feel so at home in the community because they feel overlooked elsewhere. Music can form a community for those who feel like outcasts at school, at home, and in the world in general, and “Fight XVIII” encourages this community to fight for their place in society and build a legacy they can be proud of.

The track serves as a sort of sequel to the band’s 2017 song “She’s Alright.” With an upbeat, anthemic feel, “Fight XVIII” blends a rock-inspired sound with the neon-toned synths that are characteristic of the band. Singer Joe Jett’s aesthetic sensibilities come through in the glam rock-esque vocals that soar over the beat.

Lyrics like “There’s no writing on the wall that says it’s all that she can become,” the line that has quickly become emblematic of the song’s message, drive home the inspiring idea of the song, but the message never gets bogged down in cliches. “Fight XVIII” is a positive, uplifting, revolutionary song that tells every overlooked rebel that there is a place for them and they have a right to fight for it.

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